Starter v1.0 is a free After Effects Template that you can download and use to create Logo Reveal Slide for your brand, business, YouTube channel, etc. The template is entirely based on Shape Layers and colors of the animation are expression driven. That means you can change the colors very easily from the effects panel instead of going deep into the Shape Layer properties.

Starter v1.0 After Effects Template consists of four compositions.

  1. Final Comp – This composition consists of all the elements composited together along with a Vignette. After done with the modification, you have to render this Final Composition to get the correct output.
  2. Animation – This composition consists the shape layers with are used for the animation. The color of the animation can be changed in this composition.
  3. Logo and Tagline – To change the logo and tagline, you need to modify this composition. Simply replace the default logo included in the package with your own and change the tagline text accordingly.
  4. Logo and Animation – This composition is made up of pre-composed version of Animation as well as Logo and Tagline comps.

starter v1.0 logo reveal after effects template

If you wish to change the background of Starter v1.0 Logo Reveal After Effects Template, simply open the Final Comp and replace the White Solid with your background. You can also change color of the solid by selecting the white solid and going into Layers > Solid Settings or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Y.

Starter v1.0 After Effects Template Promo

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Download Starter v1.0 After Effects Template

Use the download button below to download this Royalty Free After Effects Template. The download button will be accessible once you Tweet, Like or share this article on Google+. It’s better than spending few dollars.

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How to Customize Starter v1.0 After Effects Template

Learn how you can use and customize Starter v1.0 Logo Reveal After Effects template, changing the colors of the animation and importing your own logo and tagline.

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