After version 1.0 of Editing Corp Starter Logo Reveal After Effects Template, I am happy to announce our Starter v2.0 template. Though it sounds like an updated version of the previous logo reveal, but this new and Free After Effects template is completely different. Starter 2.0 is powered by cool animated shape layers and expression driven color controls.

User can very easily customize this After Effects Template. With the help of Expression driven color controls, you can change the color of each element from the effects control panel. The logo and text can also be modified using their dedicated compositions.

Overall, there are 9 composition in Starter v2.0 Logo Reveal Template and each comp is properly named so that the user can very easily identity the right comp for template modification.

Starter v2.0 Logo Reveal Free After Effects Template

The main compositions which you probably need to know about are as follows.

  1. Final Comp – Render this Composition: When you are done with editing the project file with your own logo and text, use this composition to render out the final output.
  2. Change Rectangle Animation Color here: This comp consists of the starting rectangle animation, If you are an advance After Effects user, you can alter the timeline to change the animation. Also, you can use this composition to change the color of the animation.
    To change the color, select each layer and use the control control settings in your effect panel to change it’s color. If effects panel is disabled, you can enable it by going into Effect > Effect Controls or use the keyboard shortcut F3.
    color control 1
  3. Change Circular Rings Color here: You can use this composition to change the color of circular rings.
  4. Change Logo Color Stripes here: Use this composition to change the color of wipe effect on Logo.
  5. Put Logo Here: Import your Logo in this composition. Re-size it to fit the dimensions of the composition.
  6. Change text here: Edit the text layer in this composition with your own text.
  7. Change Audio Here: Starter v2.0 Logo Reveal Free After Effects Template contains an audio file in the package. If you have your own audio and wish to replace it, then use this composition.
  8. Reflection and Vignette: This composition contains the Reflection layer and Vignette layer to increase the overall looks of the template.

If you wish to change the background of Starter v2.0 Logo Reveal After Effects Template, simply open the Reflection and Vignette comp and replace the White Solid with your background. You can also change color of the solid by selecting the white solid and going into Layers > Solid Settings or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Y.

Starter v2.0 After Effects Template Promo

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Download Starter v2.0 After Effects Template

Use the download button below to download this Royalty Free After Effects Template.

  • Create Logo Reveal
  • Royalty Free
  • Compatible with AE 5.5 and above versions
  • AE CC compatible file included
  • Package Includes a Sample Render
  • Package Size – 1.6 MB


How to Customize Starter v2.0 After Effects Template

Learn how you can use and customize Starter v2.0 Logo Reveal After Effects template, changing the colors of the animation and importing your own logo and text.

If you have any queries or technical issues regarding this template, post it in the comments section below or send me an email at ‘‘.


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