Finally, 10 days after the release of Godzilla 2014, I got a change to watch the movie along with a friend. We went to the theatre, imagining Godzilla killing people, destroying an entire city and sending the human civilization back in the Stone Age. That’s why we call him a MONSTER.

Once the movie started, it was a lot confusing for us to understand what is actually going on until we saw that giant insect like creature generating magnetic pulse, consuming Nuclear Reactors to strengthen herself.

The Giant insect along with another giant male insect which was later found during the movie in Nevada, travels around in search of food and they find it in California’s Nuclear Waste Repository.

In this scenario, the Godzilla or the Gojira was in chase of these two monsters. He was introduced after the Interval, but his entry was breath taking. I heard Chinese people didn’t like this version of Godzilla since they think he is too fat.

Stop Calling Godzilla, A MonsterBut, according to my opinion, This was the best Godzilla I have ever seen. In all this confusion, Americans try to kill the Godzilla with their weapon power, but it was just like Mosquito bites for him. That’s what my friend was saying.

The fact is, Godzilla was trying to help humans by chasing and killing both the other creatures. He was shown swimming along with marines in the Sea. The two creatures lay their eggs in the heart of the city which was later destroyed by Ford, the main character in the movie who was an Army guy, specialist in defusing bombs. This made the mother creature angry and the moment she was about to kill him, Godzilla steps in and save his Life.

The best part was the Godzilla throwing Blue flames from his mouth and it was something really cool.

Stop Calling Godzilla, A Monster

After killing the Monsters, Godzilla was so exhausted that he falls down pretending to be dead. But later he again wakes up and we thought, OK! Now it’s the time when Godzilla will kill and eat the people and destroys the city, but what happened next changed my entire thought and views about him.

He wakes up and quietly walks out of the city, deep into the ocean. According to the Television news channels, he was titled as “Godzilla, the saviour of the City”.

As shown in trailer, there was no Statue of Liberty destruction scene in the movie.

Stop Calling Godzilla, A MonsterStop! Don’t call Godzilla – A Monster

The aim behind writing this article was not to give you a review of the movie, whether it’s good, average or bad. Of course, it is an awesome movie and you should definitely watch it. But all I wanted to tell is how a creature or a monster, that’s what we call it can save the entire human population of a city. He destroyed a few buildings though, but again he cannot be blamed for his size.

We judge things just by seeing it, Oh! Look, that’s a Godzilla, he looks so ridiculous. Let’s fire at him and kill him. The fact is, we don’t see the internal intentions of someone and derive our opinions just by the external appearance. And, I’am not talking about the Godzilla here, it is an imaginary creature. I am talking about US. We are the once who should be called as Monsters. Better look deep inside someone’s heart rather than looking at the face.

If a creature like Godzilla can fight for humans, Can’t we fight for each other? So, stop calling him a monster. Monsters don’t just walk out of your city like that.

This movie really taught me something today and I am glad we have such people in this world who works 24-7 just to entertain us with their awesome creations. Thanks to each and every Film Maker out there.

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  1. The lesson that you learned from this movie need to be learned by one and all. This kind of mentality has poisoned minds of many people. For example – when a wild animals enters city premises in India, people create a chaos. And the research suggests that animals like cheetah etc. don’t even attack unless they panic or are in danger. But sadly, this fact is never understood by the people of our country.
    We should never judge someone by his size or appeal and I hope, like you many other people would have got this message. If yes, it would have a positive affect on our society. If no, we will need more movies like these..

    • 2 or 3 people suggested me to remove this article as they think it is useless. But, I was really amazed with the story of the movie as later near the end, people accepted godzilla as a hero. Though it’s is a fictional movie, still was a lesson for me.

      Anyways, thanks manpreet for your views.

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this article. In fact, the headline is so catchy.. I have visited your blog three times just to read this article (finally, i read it this time) and i was very much impressed.
        It might not go with the usual theme of your blog, but the message is pretty interesting. I don’t think your regular readers would/should mind for one such article

  2. There are several definitions for the word monster. The one your referring to would be something evil, as you would refer to Hitler as a monster, in this case that definition does not apply to Godzilla since he doesn’t do anything in the film that could be seen as malicious and even saves the humans inside the city. Another definition though is a thing or animal that is excessively or dauntingly large, this definition pretty much fits Godzilla since he is very large and could easily be frightening. This does not make Godzilla a bad person but that is mainly the reason why he is referred to as a monster.

    I do understand the point of this article though that human’s natural reaction to seeing something that they don’t understand is to destroy it. This problem exists in humans in several ways that doesn’t even have to do with Godzilla but other real life issues where people have overreacted to that that they don’t understand which can have devastating consequences.


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