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photokey 8 pro - green screen software cover

The Only Green Screen Software For Photography You Will Ever Need

PhotoKey is the only green screen software you will ever need for fast and powerful green screen removal. The latest version – PhotoKey 8 Pro is the green screen software of choice for professional photographers around the world.
Photographer logo cover

12 Best Photographer Logo Templates For After Effects

12 best, cheap and easy to use photographer logo templates and projects for Adobe After Effects.
event photography

How To Share Event Photography With Your Customers

Whether you build your own website to communicate with your customers or use the services of a photo sharing portal, it is good to remember a few features that will help you attract new customers and provide the best services to your existing ones.

New DSLR Camera Owners Expectations Vs. Reality

One has certain expectations when they buy their first DSLR camera, but what is it actually like in reality?
4 tips for getting photography clients

4 Tips For Getting Photography, Videography & Video Editing Clients

How to get Photography, Videography and Video Editing clients? Read these 4 tips If you find yourself asking this question.
Dubai Museum cover

A Weekend Visit To Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Fort

After an entire week of work and sleep, my brothers and I went to Dubai Museum located at Al Fahidi Fort, Bur Dubai. Dubai Museum is an historic site by itself and covers the archaeology and history of Dubai.
GPP Photo Week

10 World-Renowned Photographers Taking Part In GPP Photo Week 2017

10 world-renowned photographers are taking part in GPP Photo Week 2017, Region’s first and longest-running international photography festival.
GPP Photo Week

GPP Photo Week 2017 – Workshops, Photo Walks, Product Launch, Free...

Gulf Photo Plus, Dubai’s only dedicated photography centre, announces its comprehensive programming for the 13th edition of GPP Photo Week.
cinemagraph cover

What is a Cinemagraph And How To Create One

A cinemagraph is a living moment in an otherwise still photograph. It exists in the world in between a photograph and video to bring to life the image and make it last forever.
street photographers cover

Why Are People So Afraid Of Street Photographers?

Whenever I am out on the streets doing photography, people think I am a private investigator or something. So, the Question Is - Why are people so afraid of Street photographers?