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scifi short films

10 Award Winning Sci-Fi Short Films To Watch On YouTube

A List of 10 most innovative and award winning Sci-Fi short films that you can watch on YouTube.
Global Village Dubaivideo

Global Village Dubai Cinematic Tour

After the epic tour of Dubai Museum, we headed for the Global Village, a multi cultured market from almost all the countries of the world.

Go Bag – A Short Action Film By Red Giant

Go Bag is a short action film by Red Giant. A spy fights for her life with the only weapon available: a stranger’s carry-on bag.
youtube facts

What’s uploaded, deleted and claimed in a typical day on YouTube...

What's uploaded, deleted and claimed in a typical day on YouTube. In-depth look into daily uploads on YouTube during the month of October 2015.
How to Make a YouTube Video

5 Tips on How to Make a Good YouTube Video

Every minute, users upload 300 hours of footage to YouTube. The videos range from the professional and informative to the goofy and strange, and the...

How To Create YouTube Compatible Video Format

Ever wonder why your videos looks good on your computer but turns into crap when you upload them on YouTube. Most of us overlook...
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