I produced this Time Lapse video to show my compositing workflow in After Effects. I used Element 3D which is a third party plugin and Adobe After Effects to create the Space including Planets, Meteors and stars as well. After that I composited them together to create a simple 10 seconds video, a flyby in space and that too without a Space suit.

The main aim behind creating this video was to show the power of a compositing software, the possibilities and the realistic results.

It took me almost an hour create the Space. I managed the Time Lapse just by using the Time Stretch feature which is available inside of After Effects. It allows you to speed up or slow down things using a percentage value.

The Lens flare is generated using Optical Flares package. I converted it into a 3D flare so that it aligns with the light source perfectly and stays there when the camera moves in the Space.

Space Workflow Time Lapse

Watch on Youtube

Time Lapse compositing Time Lapse compositingTime Lapse compositing


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