Peder Norrby, creator of Trapcode plug-ins for After Effects is working on Trapcode Tao (道) these days.  According to the GIF images posted by Trapcode on Twitter, it seems like Peder is trying to create some kind of 3D Stroke, but with geometry mapped along a path since Tao means “PATH” in Chinese and Japanese.

Peder really wanted to make this plug-in and with the technology developed by him earlier in Trapcode Mir, he started his work on Tao.

According to a tweet, Peder claimed that the work is very difficult and frustrating at times. The project is still in it’s early phase and no release date has been set.

Trapcode Tao

The animated GIF above shows a ribbon along a path, with the profile being rotated over the length of the path and also rotating over time, combined with seamless looping fractal displacement.

While working on the plug-in, Peder was getting interrupted by this cool weird thing so he thought filming it.

Here is a sketch Peder Norrby made when figuring out the triangles, normals and winding orders etc.

Trapcode Tao

For Regular updates on Trapcode Tao, Visit Trapcode’s official website or follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Below are the few Tao images posted by Trapcode on Facebook.

Trapcode Tao

Trapcode Tao tao1 tao3 tao4 tao5




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