Vector illustrations are the most flexible and versatile graphic media for any type of design process. Instead of being made with pixels, vector illustrations use mathematical equations to create smooth lines that do not pixelate.

No matter how much you enlarge or shrink a vector illustration, it will always look high resolution.

This is something you cannot achieve with photographs and other raster files made up of pixels.

Other than resizing, vector illustrations are highly editable.

You can make any changes to your graphic in the future without having to start from scratch.

Another benefit of using vector files is the ability to print your designs at any desired size.

Pixel True offers more than 400+ high-quality and premium vector illustrations, perfect for creating awesome landing pages, projects, newsletters, and presentations.

You can use these illustrations for any commercial projects as well.

13 Finance, Tech, And Banking Vector Illustrations

Any finance, tech, and banking-related design copy can make use of this incredible pack of 13 Fintech vector illustrations.

There are 13 colorful and professional pre-made scenes in PSD & PNG format that are adaptable to all types of financial and tech institutions.

You can easily edit the illustrations to match your brand in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, or Figma.

12 Health And Fitness Vector Illustrations

Supercharge your health and fitness website/blog, newsletters, product designs with this pack of 12 vector illustrations.

These are perfect for blog post images and social thumbnails.

Programs like Sketch, Illustrator, or Figma can help you edit and change the illustrations to match your brand color scheme.

41 Minimalistic Vector Illustrations

Minimalistic vector illustrations pack contains 41 clean and simple pre-made scenes.

If your goal is to keep your visitors engaged, then this is the pack for you.

You can use these illustrations in a variety of different projects, product releases, newsletters, etc.

12 Hexa Vector Illustrations

A subscription-based design project can make use of these 12 Hexa Illustrations pack.

All scenes in this pack as SaaS (software as a service) related and are 100% editable with Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and Figma.

21 Modern Vector Illustrations

There are 21 high-quality Modern Illustrations in this pack that are perfect for design projects based on sales & marketing, customer feedback, copywriting, analytics, and more.

This style of vector illustrations is pretty popular nowadays.

60 Chalk Vector Illustrations

Illustrations in this pack are based on the technique of Chalk drawing. There are 60 different illustrations in this pack for all kinds of design projects.

These are created using a new unique style with exciting scenes that you can easily plug in to complement your copy.

Just grab what you want make your designs come to life in no time.

10 Watercolor Illustrations

If you want soft, beautiful, and expressive illustrations then this pack is just for you.

There are 10 illustrations for design projects related to giveaways, marketing, tech, newsletter, product-release, teamwork, and more.

These 100% editable vector files can be customized easily with Sketch and Figma.

45 Empty State Illustrations

Empty states are the messages that users see on their display when there is no content to show.

These are very often go overlooked by designers.

This pack of 45 empty state illustrations is a great way to communicate with users and help them work with your application, website or product.

12 Empty State Lottie Animations

This is a set of animated illustrations for empty states. These lottie animations can be a great addition to your design projects.

JSON, GIF, AI & SVG file formats gives you the ability to easily change the illustration scenes to match your brand.

10 Tech Vector Illustrations

Any technical design project can make use of this 10 tech illustrations pack by Pixel True.

You’ll get designs for projects related to Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Database, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and more.

13 Isometric Vector Illustrations

If you are looking for something with an extra depth, look no further.

This pack of Pixel True vector illustrations includes 13 high-quality and 100% editable Isometric illustrations.

44 Adventure Vector Illustrations

Take your visitors on a journey they’ll never forget with this pack of 44 adventure illustrations.

You can use these illustrations to design a website, newsletters, landing pages, marketing campaigns, product releases, and more.

11 Awesome Illustrations

A set of 11 Awesome Illustrations that are adaptable to all types of businesses.

These design assets are perfect to create awesome design projects that’ll definitely help establish a unique brand identity.

100% editable vector gives you the ability to customize anything in AI, Sketch, & Figma.

13 Fresh Vector Illustrations

Want something different? Take a look at this 13 fresh illustrations pack by Pixel True. It is one of the most colorful and unique set of vector illustrations.

It includes design assets for projects related to marketing, product release, newsletters, planning, and more.

33 Lined Illustrations

This line style pack contains 33 illustrations perfect for any kind of design project.

You can use these illustrations in your blog, marketing campaigns, giveaway campaigns, email newsletters, product release, e-commerce web pages, and more.

Customizing them is super easy with just a few clicks in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Figma.

16 Seriously Cool Illustrations

These are a bunch of seriously cool illustrations that’ll help make your design projects go viral.

There are 16 pre-made scenes in the pack in PSD & PNG formats for easy editing.

16 Bubble Illustrations

This is a professional set of 16 vector illustrations for web designing, product designing, newsletter campaigns, or any other design project.

Easily change illustration scenes to match your brand using common programs like Sketch and Figma.

12 Trendy Vector Illustrations

Tell your unique story and outperform your competitors projects with this set of 12 Trendy Illustrations by Pixel True.

These assets can make your design projects bolder and visually enhanced.

Grab what your want, customize using AI, Sketch or Figma and make your own scene in no time.

14 Wavy Vector Illustrations

Want some wavy elements in your scene?

Take a look at this set of 14 professional wavy illustrations for all kinds of design projects.

12 Vibrant Vector Illustrations

In this pack, you will get vibrant illustrations that can be used to visually enhance your design projects.

There are 12 pre-made scenes in this pack in AI, SVG & PNG formats for easy and quick edits.

12 Inspiring Illustrations

Inspire other designers to copy your work by using this pack of 12 illustrations in your creative design projects.

You can easily change illustration scenes to match your brand or products with just a few clicks in Sketch or Figma.

Just grab what you want and make your own scene in no time.

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