Take your Vue.js development to the next level with this selection of outstanding projects that are free to use as well as open-source.

The fact that you are looking for Free And Open-Source Vue.js projects says that we don’t have to explain to you how powerful, progressive and elegant that framework is.

So, you have some Vue app ideas that you want to transform into reality but don’t know which tools to use for the development project. Well, your search ends here.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the most powerful Vue.js projects.

Now, the list of such projects could be very long but due to lack of space, we can’t include every project in this list. So we decided to go with just five of them.

And that doesn’t mean that these five are the most powerful ones, instead, they are just the start. Every Vue project is unique in its own right.

You can check out the popularity of the free Vue resources we discuss here on their GitHub page. So, let’s get started. 

Amazing Free And Open-Source Vue.js projects 

Take a look at the 5 amazing free and open-source Vue.js projects that will serve as the perfect inspiration for your next development project.

From complex web applications to simple UI components, these projects demonstrate the full capabilities of the Vue.js framework.

1. Pagekit

pagekit - Free And Open-Source Vue.js projects

Pagekit is a complete set of tools to create beautiful and functional websites for any type of business. It comes with a drag-and-drop editor, a code editor, and the ability to manage all your content in one place.

The developers who have built Pagekit are the experts that have also contributed to some of the biggest projects in the world. This means that you can be sure that Pagekit will work seamlessly with your existing website and won’t cause any problems down the line.

The best part about Pagekit is that it’s completely free to use! So you don’t have to pay for anything unless you want to use some advanced features like customized themes and templates.

With Pagekit, you can:

  • Create beautiful, engaging websites without writing any code
  • Manage your content with ease and speed
  • Create powerful custom components with just a few lines of code
  • Integrate your site with over 200 APIs (including Google Maps) so your users can find exactly what they want when they need it

2. Vuepress

VuePress - Free And Open-Source Vue.js projects

Vuepress is a static site generator for Vue.js that aims to make it easy for you to create beautiful static websites. It’s inspired by Jekyll and Hexo, but it does not use any of their code.

The goal is that you can write your project in Vue, deploy it with npm run build, and run Vuepress to generate the HTML file. You can easily customize each pattern or add your own. You can even use plain JavaScript for each element if you want to!

Vuepress supports several features such as:

  • Markdown support (including custom renderers)
  • CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less) and post-processors (Stencil, CoffeeScript)
  • Automatic image generation using Spritesheets or Filament Group’s Canvas module
  • Javascript bundling via Webpack and Browserify

VuePress has over 500 stars on GitHub and is used by many large websites including Forbes Magazine, Pinterest, The New York Times, and more.

3. Vue Material

Vue Material

Vue Material is a set of components that you can use to build custom, reusable components for Vue.js applications. It’s based on the popular Bootstrap 4 framework, but it has a lot of features built-in, like animation and transitions between states.

It is the official library for Vue.js and its associated tools, components, and libraries.

Vue Material builds on Vue’s core APIs to add powerful new building blocks that help you create and manage complex UIs. The library provides reusable components for common layout patterns and custom rendering solutions, including flexbox grids, tables, and models.

The library includes a set of powerful reactive utilities that let you reactively change the state of your UI elements in response to events or user interactions. You can also use Vuex as your application state management mechanism.

4. Vuemmerce


Vuemmerce is an e-commerce plug-in for Vue.js and Vuex that extends the Vue ecosystem with a full-featured shopping cart. It will enable you to create an elegant and fully customizable front end for your online store without having to write any code.

Vuemmerce has built-in support for multiple payment gateways, secure credit card processing, shipping and tax calculation, and automatic product updates.

It also includes many useful features, including:

  • A simple admin panel for adding and removing products.
  • Adding a shopping cart is now easy with Vuemmerce. 
  • A full-featured product catalog with thumbnails and descriptions.
  • A powerful editor for product listings that makes it easy to create attractive, attractive and attractive store pages.
  • A sophisticated customer management system with customer profiles and orders, shipping options, and more.

Using Vuemmerce can not only help you reduce your costs but also increase your sales revenue. It also proves beneficial in enhancing customer experience.

Vuemmerce is the perfect solution for any eCommerce store that needs to scale up quickly without investing in expensive software or hiring expensive developers.

5. Prettier


Prettier is a code formatter designed to maintain the readability of your JavaScript code. It aims to be intelligent, so it can understand your code and provide you with useful information about formatting.

Prettier uses JSON-pretty printing for automatic indentation, and you can use it with ESLint to lint your code automatically.

If you have a large project, Prettier can help you keep it readable by giving you feedback on how your code looks when it’s rendered in the browser or onscreen.

Here are some of the features:

  • A full parser for ES6-style imports, used by default in Vue.js and Babel for JSX.
  • Automatic indentation of one-line strings, comments, and comments within strings.
  • Line wrapping when multiple lines would fit on a single line.
  • Paragraph wrapping is when multiple paragraphs would fit on a single line.
  • Formatting of numbers, dates, strings, and booleans (e.g., 1/2).
  • Customizable formatting of symbols (e.g., ‘#’, ‘!’, etc.).


Here in this blog post, we discussed some of the most well-developed and helpful Vue.js free and open-source projects.

You can choose any of these tools for your development project. Of course after carefully considering their pros and cons against your requirements.

However, there is another thing you need to pay attention to and that is the documentation and contribution guides of these tools. 

Also, you don’t need to choose the project just because it is popular, you have to see to it that it is capable of fulfilling all your needs too.

Tell us in the comments section below, which one of these tools has caught your eye. You can also drop suggestions of more such free and open-source Vue projects. 

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