ActionVFX is a visual effects stock footage website created for VFX artists, filmmakers, and other creative professionals. Their library contains over 1400 high-quality 4K and 5K VFX elements of Explosions, Fire, Smoke, Particles, Debris, and much more.

During the Summer of 2017, ActionVFX spent five intensive weeks shooting 20 brand new Collections, which almost doubles the current Collections on their website. The new Collections include Explosions Vol. 2, Water FX, Flamethrowers, Dust, Snow, Fire, and more.

ActionVFX is announcing their brand new, 100% REAL, addition to the library, The Water FX Series!

The new series opens a completely new category on their website, featuring four new Collections that will bring much needed value to the industry: Water Blasts, Water Splashes, Small Water Hits Vol. 1, and Small Water Hits Vol. 2, totaling 155 individual clips within the series.

Each Collection is delivered in 10-Bit Prores 4444 with Alpha (2K and 4K) and the original 5K unkeyed .R3D files at 96fps on the RED Weapon 8K.

Water Blasts

water fx

The Water Blast Collection features 50 water clips: 10 large scale water explosions, 20 large scale bursts of water, and 20 large scale bursts of water at a high angle. These clips reach 25 feet tall, which will look great for when you’re dropping bombs on the beach.

Water Splashes

water fx

The Water Splash Collection features 40 water effects: 20 at a front angle and 20 at a high angle. These effects will work great for shots where something falls in water, comes out of water, or anytime there’s a lot of frantic movements in water.

Small Water Hits Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

water fx

The two Collections feature 65 individual Small Water Hit elements, 50 in Vol. 1, and 15 in Vol. 2. While the team was creating these clips, they were thinking of ideal scenes these clips could appear in; such as a gun fight scene or an over-head airplane attack.

Since these types of elements are heavily needed in the VFX universe, and aren’t readily available without having to create time consuming CG simulations, ActionVFX’s goal was to make sure they were 100% REAL effects that stood above simulated versions.

It’s surprisingly easy to get realistic results with these elements. While there’s no such thing as a true drag and drop effect, these come very close and will fit into your scene seamlessly with little effort.

ActionVFX created these Collections with different angles: front facing and high angled views. These angles with allow better flexibility in post, so the compositor will have better interaction with their shot.

“Capturing real, large-scale, Water Elements was one of the hardest tasks we’ve done at ActionVFX, but in the end, the results speak for themselves. Currently users have to solely rely on time-consuming CG simulations to create water effects at this scale, but once these are released, all that should change.” – Rodolphe Pierre-Louis, ActionVFX CEO.

Head over to now and add the all new Water FX elements to your library.

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