OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743


OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743 is a highly adjustable ergonomic chair for video editors, image editors, gamers, and other creative artists. It has numerous adjustment options to keep you physically relaxed and comfortable.



NeueChair is a complete all-mesh design chair with a mesh headrest, backrest, and seat as well. It is an all-in-one package with the ergonomics of an office chair and the comfort features of a gaming chair.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+


Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+, also known as the Kinn chair is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs for video editors, creative artists, and other professionals.

Autonomous ErgoChair Pro


Autonomous ErgoChair Pro is a 5-star rated chair that will help you stay calm and productive while editing your videos and photos. THe chair comes in 6 different colors.

OdinLake Ergo ART 643


OdinLake Ergo ART 643 is a fusion between art and comfort. The minimal design and stylish grey fabric along with ergonomic adjustments make it a great chair for video editors.