There are many good reasons why we love Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Below is the list of the many good reasons why you should love this software as well.

premier pro CC

New Code

One good reason to upgrade to this new software is due to the new and upgraded code. This supports more graphic cards as well as GPU’s. if you are editing with a GPU, which is not supported under Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, however is under CC, you will notice a big leap in preview and rendering performance once you upgrade.

Creative Cloud

You can look for a program refresh each 3 to 6 months, as against to the 12 to 18 months cycle for past products. Every license provide you the capability to use the program on two computers that could be Windows or Mac, however it is easier to change the licensed system. When you use the program on more than one computer, you will have an easy and simple life. You can save settings and workspaces to the CC and share them amongst your licensed computers.

Many Keyboard Shortcuts

The quickest way to edit is usually keyboard shortcuts. Adobe Premiere Pro CC had done a good task when it comes to this matter, specifically with selectable collections of keyboard shortcut. With Adobe Pro CC you get lots of keyboard driven functionality, which include the capability to alter the volume of clips and switch between roll, ripple as well as regular trim edits for clips on one edit point.

Easier and Faster Multi-cam

Adobe Premiere Pro CC could sync files based on the audio that could be a big time saver for those producing long videos. As with past version of this software, you could mix footage with diverse frame rates and codec in similar sequence.

Connect Media Dialog Recovers Missing Files

Video projects which involve many files that could go missing if you archive or consolidate project data, or just rearrange folders on hard drive. In past versions, linking and finding lost files was a very difficult process. Adobe Premiere Pro CC new “Link Dialogue” could look for files with the use of customizable search parameters and bring back many lost files at one.

Improved Audio Functionality

The Pro CC has an updated ACM or Audio Clip Mixer, making key-frame base audio alterations easier. Adobe has integrated lots of effects from the standalone audio editor.

Improved Attribute Pasting

A lot of projects involving effects that require to be used to a lot of clips, like for instance you will need to color correct the clips from a specific shoot precisely the same way. Past versions enabled you to copy and paste adjustments from one to another clip, however it was all or nothing.

In the latest software, you are allowed to pick and select the effects as well as other attributes used to the target clips. There are many other good reasons why we love Adobe Premiere Pro CC aside from the ones listed above such as, this allows you to edit closed captions and you can use SpeedGrade Grades and Looks to the clip.


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