ReactJS is a leading frontend framework that is used by millions of developers. A recent survey shows that 40% of people rely on ReactJS for building beautiful interfaces.

ReactJS was developed and outsourced by the engineers at Facebook, and since its release, it has gained good traction in the market. 

Jordan Walke is considered the prodigy behind this fantastic front-end framework, and it was his idea to create a high-performing framework that enhances the functionality of Javascript and its applications. 

Why Choose ReactJS?

ReactJS offers tons of benefits for using it, and as we advance, we will look at the top reasons to use ReactJS for web development. So let’s get started.

Hot Reloading Saves Time

One of the best features of ReactJS is the hot reloading which is powered by virtual DOM technology. In this technology, the part that is changed is only updated whenever any change is made to the front-end code.

ReactJS hot reloading

Due to this, making and seeing changes becomes faster, and it also saves significant time in the development phase. Hot reloading becomes utterly important when developers are debugging large enterprise-scale applications.

Moreover, you never need to turn off the application and start it again to see the changes. They will be rendered as soon as you stop typing and move to the browser. 

Backed By A Genius Community

ReactJS is backed by a community of programmers who are keen on trying new things. Being developed by Facebook, it already has a lot of attention, and with its excellent features, more and more experts are using it. 

ReactJS is being actively developed by the community as it is an open-source project. It has made its way among the top developed and active GitHub repositories through its popularity.

ReactJS github

Currently, it has over 180k stars on its original GitHub repository, and there are no signs of stoppage. 

Using ReactJS for development is pretty straightforward. You can get help from the best developers around the world because of its vast community. Due to this benefit, you’ll never feel stuck on your programming problems.

Component-Based Approach

ReactJS follows a component-based approach where code that performs similar functionality is packed in a single component. If you want to use that code somewhere else, you can easily do it by exporting the modules and reusing them in other places. 

The component-based approach allows greater flexibility among program code, and anything can be reused at any site. Moreover, this approach makes code in a large enterprise-scale project manageable and modular. 

ReactJS removes the limitation of following any single development architecture by following a component-based approach.

With ReactJS, your developers are free to use any development architecture they like, namely MVVM, MVC, and others. Due to no fixed development architecture, ReactJS applications are usually safer because hackers cannot quickly determine the application’s architecture. 

Based on JavaScript

JavaScript provides dynamics to HTML webpages, and without JavaScript, user interaction is almost impossible. Moreover, JS  is the language that people rely on, and it has one of the best and most active communities in the software development world. 

Due to the many reasons and benefits of JS, the creators of ReactJS chose it to be based on JS. Based on JS, ReactJS is easy to use and learn too.


If a person has his basics of ES6 JavaScript clear, he can quickly move towards learning ReactJS and implementing it in future projects. Moreover, ReactJS also introduced the JSX concept where developers can write HTML code inside JS files only.

Due to this innovative feature, there is no need to have separate files for HTML code and JS code in a ReactJS project. Many developers use this, and the development time goes down significantly, and managing the code becomes more accessible too. 

Suitable For All

With the basics of ES6 JavaScript clear, anyone can try their hands on ReactJS. The framework is simple to learn, and the use cases are infinite.

Every UI created in ReactJS is pixel-perfect, and you can customize it as per your needs. Using React JS, you can build a bespoke front for your web application that scales infinitely. 

ReactJS dashboard

Whether you want to build data-intensive dashboards that need to be updated in real time or whether you are building simulators, React JS will prove the right choice.

It has plenty of features, and this makes it suitable for all sorts of front-end development tasks. 

An everyday use case of ReactJS is social media networks and eCommerce stores where data needs to be updated frequently. Its virtual DOM capabilities can become the best choice for such websites that require constant change and reloading. 

Use NPM Libraries

One of the biggest reasons to use ReactJS is the hoard of NPM libraries that you can use. NPM is the largest repository of libraries and modules that can be accessed and used in any project.

With ReactJS, you open the doors to this ocean of code and knowledge. 

NPM libraries

Millions of libraries are present in the NPM repository, and most of them can be used with ReactJS. You don’t need to code much when you are building basic features.

By using ready-made libraries from the NPM repository, you can get all the code in your project without coding much. 

Using the NPM libraries, you can save significant development time. Moreover, it is better to use pre-built community-recognized libraries rather than creating the same thing from scratch.

When you use npm libraries, you can focus more on complex problems of the business solution and the simpler things can be handled using libraries. 


Redux is another reason to use ReactJS as it is available with this framework only. It is a state management library using which a React JS application’s state can be managed easily. 

Using Redux, you can manage the latest versions of data throughout all the components in an application. This helps in making the application robust, high-performing, and easy to use even under heavy load. 

Moreover, when you use redux, you don’t need to pass data through props explicitly. You can just access it from the global Redux variable of your application. 

If you are skeptical regarding ReactJS, just give this excellent framework a try, you can hire React developers, and you’ll love your decision. No person has ever regretted using this frontend framework, and you won’t either.

All these reasons are enough to get you addicted to ReactJS. So don’t undermine this framework, and start using it for your next project itself. 

Article By Guest Author – Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya is a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, and Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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