ActionVFX is known to offer high-quality industry-standard stock footage elements for professional visual effects. They are currently hosting a limited-time ActionVFX Black Friday sale (ending on December 3rd) where you can download their visual effects assets for 55% OFF.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign was funded by 446 artists from all around the world to build undisputed best and largest VFX assets.

Action VFX assets are shot on the latest cinema cameras and are available in multiple formats such as PRORES, MXF, R3D, etc.

The number of categories is less in Action VFX in comparison to Video Copilot’s Action Essentials but it has more number elements per category – A total of 3400+ elements.

ActionVFX Black Friday Sale

During the ActionVFXBlack Friday Sale, you can get 55% OFF on the entire ActionVFX library of stock footage elements that include:

  • Blood & Gore – Includes blood hits, wounds, splatter, mist, and more.
  • Debris & Impact – Includes dust waves, exploding debris, bullet hits, ground cracks, and much more.
  • Energy FX – This category of VFX assets include Energy balls, Energy Vortex, Energy Bursts, Shockwaves, Portals, and more.
  • Explosions Contains Gas Explosion, Dust Explosions, Dirt Explosions, Aerial Explosions, Spark Explosions, and more.
  • Fire – Includes Windows, Walls, and Ceiling Fire. Also contains Fire Lens Flares, Fireballs, Fire Trails, and more.
  • Glass – Includes breaking glass and other glassware elements.
  • Gun FX – Muzzle Flashes, Bullet Hits, Gun Smoke, Canon Blasts, Bullet Shells, and more.
  • Particles – Contains Dust Particles, Spark Hits, Fire Embers, Electrical Sparks, and other particle elements.
  • Smokes – Atmospheric Smoke, Smoke Plumes, Smoke & Fog, and steam jets.
  • Water – Water Splashes and Water Blasts.
  • Weather – Includes Storm Clouds, Windy Snow, Falling Snow, and Lightning.
  • Sound FX – Gun, Explosions, Fire, Bullet Hits, and Water Sound FX.

You can purchase individual VFX assets or go for the bundles and save a ton of money.

Get Double The Amount Of Downloads WIth ActionVFX Subscription

ActionVFX Black Friday Sale

ActionVFX recently launched its monthly subscription plans that gives you access to VFX stock footage for US$14.99 a month.

During the ActionVFX Black Friday Sale, all subscription plans purchased during the sale will receive double the amount of monthly elements.

If a plan gives you 30 assets a month, you get 60. If you renew your plan each year, you still get double the elements.

The best part is that with an ActionVFX subscription,

  • You can pay month-to-month and cancel anytime.
  • Anything you download during the subscription period is yours to keep, even if you cancel the subscription.
  • You’ll always get new assets as the ActionVFX stock footage library is updated every month.

ActionVFX Black Friday Sale Details

Here’s everything that you need to know.

  • Sale Begins November 25th: ActionVFX Black Friday Sale begins November 25th at 8 PM EST and will end on December 3rd at 11:59 PM EST.
  • 55% Off Sitewide: All VFX elements (clips, collections, & bundles) will be 55% off the first 24 hours, & 50% off the remaining days of the sale.
  • Annual Subscription Plan Offer: All annual Subscription Plans (Individual & Studio Plans) purchased during the sale will receive 2x the amount of monthly elements. If a plan gives you 30 a month, you get 60. If you renew your plan each year, you still get double the elements.
  • Buy 4 Get 1 Free: Buy any 4 collections and get your 5th one free!
  • Upgrade any 2K collection to 4K: If you’ve previously bought a 2K collection, you’ll be able to upgrade to 4K resolution at a special discounted rate!

“ActionVFX elements are the best in the industry, combining significant dynamic range, high resolution and frame rates.” – says Colin Feist – VFX Supervisor/Compositor at Zoic Studios.

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