7 Basic Ways to Shoot Better Photos

7 Basic Ways to Shoot Better Photos

You do not need a formal education to shoot better photos. While it is good to have extensive training, even with basic...
dslr web application

5 Web Applications To Help Beginners Learn the Basics Of DSLR

Digital SLR's or simply DSLR cameras works in a combination of different settings. Here are 5 web applications to help you learn the basics of DSLR camera.
Canon EOS R

5 Things About CANON EOS R You Can’t Afford To Miss

Canon EOS R might not be everyone's favorite mirrorless camera but it did come with its own little surprises. Here are five somewhat unexpected features on Canon EOS R you might not know about.
Free Lightroom Presets

10 Free Lightroom Presets For Portraits & Landscapes Vol. 1

10 Free Lightroom presets are ideal for outdoor photos, including landscapes and nature, as well as natural light portraits.
adobe lightroom presets

30+ Adobe Lightroom Presets For Boosting Colors, Sharpness & Clarity – Vol. 1

This set of 30+ Lightroom presets is perfect for adding some life to your photos. There are presets for boosting colors, increasing sharpness, increasing clarity, and more.
Personal Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Top 10 Personal Blog & Portfolio WordPress Themes

Whether you are a writer, a traveler, a photographer, a designer, an architect, a beauty expert, or just an experienced person who has something to tell the world, there is always a perfect WordPress Theme for you.

500+ Lightroom Presets For Portraits & Landscapes

A Collection of more than 500 professionally created Lightroom presets for portraits and landscapes. Buy now for just $29.
travel videos

How To Shoot And Edit Cinematic Travel Videos: A Complete Guide

A complete guide on how to shoot and edit cinematic travel videos. Read this article before you pick your camera up and start the journey.

How To Start And Stop Wiggle In After Effects At Specific Time

With few lines of additional code to the standard wiggle expression, we can start and stop wiggle effect in After Effects at a specific time.

10 Best Selling (MOGRT) Premiere Pro Templates

Premium and high-quality Premiere Pro templates created by professional Motion Graphics studios and independent artists.