Benefits Of 3D Printing In Photography

Top 5 Benefits Of 3D Printing In Photography

You can make your own camera’s and customize it in anyway that you desire. That is exactly what 3D printing can offer us.
Things You Wish You Were Told As An Amateur Photographer

Things You Wish You Were Told As An Amateur Photographer

some of our hard-gained knowledge with you so that you can speed along in your journey towards photographic discovery. If you are an amateur just starting out, these tips will surely help you. If you are already a pro, well, it doesn’t hurt to refresh those old tricks once in a while, does it?
importance of 3d animation in your business

The Importance of 3D Animation In Your Business

One has to admit that the business environment today is quickly becoming more challenging and complex. The importance of industrial 3D animation is rising rapidly among corporate and start-ups alike.
photography ideas

10+ Photography Ideas That Can Impress Your Friends

Photographers often search the internet looking for tips, ideas and inspiration. There are tons of techincal photography ideas and interesting, fun and unique compositional strategies when executed correctly can impress your friends.
Extended Coffee Break

Get The Coffee Break You Rightfully Deserve With This After Effects Plugin- Extended Coffee...

Enjoy a longer break while your project renders at a snails pace thanks to Extended Coffee Break. Using highly un-optimised algorithms, ECB offers customisable CPU scalability without visual impact on your render.

HDR PHOTOGRAPHY? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

HDR Photography is a powerful technique to capture the maximum of the details. It is a valuable technique that can drastically improve your photography. All it takes is a smart approach and a bit of practice.
Focus Points

Focus Points – How To Use Them For Better Composition

A good composition is all about selecting the right area to focus on, selected the right focus points and how to evaluate exposure around them.

10 Reasons Why You Are A Newbie In Photography

10 reasons why you are a newbie in photography and what you can do to transform yourself from a newbie to a professional.
7 Basic Ways to Shoot Better Photos

7 Basic Ways to Shoot Better Photos

You do not need a formal education to shoot better photos. While it is good to have extensive training, even with basic...
dslr web application

5 Web Applications To Help Beginners Learn the Basics Of DSLR

Digital SLR's or simply DSLR cameras works in a combination of different settings. Here are 5 web applications to help you learn the basics of DSLR camera.