The Blood Splat Titles is another free template from my own After Effects Templates collection that you can use to create spooky and horror titles for your haunted film. This template is compatible with various versions of After Effects.

There are total 6 slides in the template which you can customize very easily. All you need to do is replace and type in your own text. The package includes the Project files, images used, a Blood Splat 720p stock footage and the font, but you can change the font if you wish.

The lens flare is generated using the Optical Flare plugin, so it is necessary to have the plugin installed in your After Effects if you want the lens flare to be visible. If you do not have Optical Flares installed, the template will still work, except for the lens flare.

You can use the lens flares which are pre-installed in your After Effects, simply search for lens flare under Effects and Presets.

Watch this Video on YouTube

Basically, I took a photograph of a wall, created a virtual camera and animated it from one position to another. Then I took a Blood Splat stock footage and changed its transparency mode to Multiply so that the blood looks as if it is sticking to the wall and not the camera. After that I converted all the layers into 3D and enabled motion blur on all the layers.

I also added a bit of wiggle effect to the final composition for the camera shake effect so that your camera looks handheld rather than floating in the air.

There is an additional layer in the composition where I applied the Add Grain effect to add a bit of grains to the overall template which binds everything together.

You can delete or turn off this layer to speed up rendering time. The Blood Splat stock footage is from the Action Essentials pack by

  • Spooky and Horror Titles Template
  • Royalty Free
  • 6 Title Slides
  • Compatible with Various Afx Versions
  • Package Includes Font
  • Package Includes a Sample Render
  • Package Size – 22.7 MB


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    i cant used it by CS4. How can i do ?

  • wing

    i cant used it by AE4. How can i do ?

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    can you make a tutorial video of above template again so i could generate it on AEcs4 …my pc cant run AE5.5 or above ! please?

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      Sure, I will create a tutorial soon. It’s very simple.

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