The idea behind creating a Loading Bars Pack for After Effects came from my previous tutorial on Percentage Counters. With few shape layers and one simple expression for creating automated percentage counters, I created an After Effects Project File with 12 different types of loading bars.

To make the project file easy to use, all loading bars are linked with slider controls. To create a loading animation, you just need to keyframe the sliders.

Each loading bar composition in the project file also has its own color palates in separate adjustment layers. You can simply use these palates to change the color of loading bars, their backgrounds and other elements.

Free Loading Bars Pack is compatible with After Effects CS5 and above versions.

Update – This package was free for a limited time period only, but don’t worry, it only costs $5.99.

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Loading Bars Pack Intro Video

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Each Loading Bar comp in the project file has a text layer named as “Percentage Counter” which holds the slider control effect in it. I have already keyframed them to animate from 0% to 100%.

You can move around these pre-created keyframes by selecting the Percentage Counter layer and hitting ‘U‘ on the keyboard. Now select and drag the keyframes accordingly.

Free Loading Bars Pack for After Effects

To change the colors, select the ‘Colors‘ layer and go into Effect Controls. If Effect Controls is not visible, select the ‘Colors‘ layer and navigate to Effects > Effect Controls or simply use the keyboard shortcut ‘F3‘ to enable it.

To remove the percentage sign from the percentage counter, expand the “Percentage Counter” text layer to reveal the expression. Now change the value of “percentSign” from true to false.

loading bars

Now use the color palettes to change the colors of Loading Bars, Backgrounds and other available elements.

Free Loading Bars Pack for After Effects

Loading Bars for After Effects is available for personal and commercial purposes.