Skylum has announced a brand new image editing software powered by Artificial Intelligence – LUMINAR AI. Unlike other image editors that take a time-consuming approach based on tools, It focuses on results.

With unique Artificial Intelligence tools, Luminar AI makes complex image editing easier than ever before. It will let you focus more on results than the process itself.

This image editing software is designed especially for everyday people and professional photographers.

It will help Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Marketers, small and medium-sized businesses, and many others tell their stories with rich and expressive images like never before.

It’s an efficient way to make unique and amazing images.

“Luminar AI will bring an entirely new, nonconventional approach to the world of photo editing, focusing on the results instead of the process. We’ve designed it from the ground up to change how people interact with their images. We’re excited to see what AI can do for creatives everywhere.” said Dima Sytnik, CPO of Skylum.

You can also subscribe to Luminar X Membership and get exclusive creative assets regularly to get the most out of Luminar AI.

Luminar AI Is Entirely Based On Artificial Intelligence

Luminar AI offers a completely different approach when compared to traditional image editing programs.

With its AI capabilities, Portrait and Landscape images can be enhanced drastically as it simplifies complex editing tasks by removing a ton of boring manual work.

Portrait Enhancing AI Tools

Luminar AI offers new Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance portrait images.

  • Body AI and Face AI to gently sculpt and refine a portrait.
  • Create rich and expressive eyes with Iris AI.
  • Remove blemishes and imperfections naturally with Skin AI.

Landscape Photography AI Tools

Artificial Intelligence can enhance your Landscape photographs by,

  • Adding depth and details to the sky with Atmosphere AI and Sky Enhancer.
  • Transforming a photo and adding an all-new sky in seconds with Sky AI.
  • Bring warmth with Golden Hour or even enhance the sun with Sunrays.

Other AI Tools

  • Structure AI is a new addition for adding details and textures to images.
  • Get the perfect crop with Composition AI and fix crooked images.
  • With Accent AI, you can get the perfect exposure and color.

Luminar AI Editing Templates

Templates are the very core of this new editing software. It recognizes the contents of a photograph and suggests the best template to speed up the editing process.

While templates and Artificial Intelligence guide the way, editors retain complete control over the edits they make, the tools they choose, and how they interact with the photos.

As soon as you open an image in the new Luminar AI, the image is analyzed for the subject matter right on your computer. An intelligent AI assistant can suggest a perfect Template to start your edit.

Depending on the image, LuminarAI can suggest a Template that will work best.

For example, if you have a person in your photo, it will suggest Templates that are most suitable for portraits or group photos. If you have a photo of your pet, it will suggest a Template best suited for animals or wildlife. For landscapes, you will get a great Template recommendation that helps reveal all the details of the scene.

With Templates, you can achieve the desired results in no time.

Start by selecting a recommended template, or pick any from dozens more, created in collaboration with professional photographers. Easily dial it down a bit, or edit it further to create your unique look. You can save your edits to make a new template at any time.

Or, if you are working on a set of photos for a photo book or a web gallery, apply your favorite style across a group of images for a uniform look.

Templates allow you to get results faster, and inspire you to explore your creative vision. They let you see what your photo could become, without having to follow multiple tedious steps.


Early bird pricing will be available for the first 30,000 editors worldwide to pre-order Luminar AI. Once these copies are sold, the price will go up.

  • Luminar AI starts from just US $59 with the loyalty discount for those who have purchased any previous version of Luminar or Aurora HDR (click here to get $10 OFF on Luminar 4), and includes access to the Luminar AI Insiders community.
  • Luminar AI is starting from just US $69 for new customers and includes access to the Luminar AI Insiders community.
  • Once 30,000 copies have been sold, Luminar AI will start from US $74 for new customers.
  • A US $10 loyalty discount will continue to be offered.

Available as a stand-alone application and plug-in for Windows and macOS.

Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit to learn more about the new Artificial Intelligence-powered photo editing software.

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