Skylum recently introduced its new and intelligent Image editing software -Luminar AI, powered by Artificial Intelligence. They now come up with a new subscription program called Luminar X Membership.

It is a US $5/Month subscription program where you will get exclusive creative assets on a regular basis to get the most out of your photography. Luminar X Membership provides additional benefits over the existing Luminar Neo and Luminar AI workflows.

Benefits of Getting Luminar X Membership

There are a lot of benefits to Luminar X Membership. A year of subscription will get you:

1. Luminar Video Tutorials

You will get 4 professional-level Luminar video tutorials every year. These tutorials will teach you everything about Luminar and boost your post-processing skills to the next level.

The tutorials will be presented by professional photographers from different fields of expertise. Such as David Johnston Photography, who will teach you how to process landscape images with Luminar 4.

2. Photography Video Tutorials

With Luminar X Membership, you will get both entry-level tips and in-depth tutorials to deepen your photography knowledge. Each year, you will receive 4 exclusive photography video tutorials delivered straight to your Skylum account.

3. Exclusive Luminar Looks

Luminar Looks are great tools to give your images a unique and new style. They allow you to make instant changes to your image with one click of a button.

Each Luminar Look is made up of all the saved filters as well as the settings used for each of those filters. Every Luminar X Membership subscriber will get access to 10 exclusive new Luminar Looks each month.

4. Unique Sky Textures

A professional photographer can spend a good part of a day waiting for the perfect sky and weather conditions. Sometimes though, no matter how patient you are, skies will often be washed out and appear missing due to overexposure.

One solution is to use the Luminar Sky Replacement tool and sky textures to replace the sky. Luminar X Membership also offers 10 high-resolution sky textures every month to create breathtaking images.

5. Luminar Marketplace Discount Coupon

You will get a custom discount code that’ll get you 15% OFF on all items in the Luminar Marketplace. This includes Signature Looks, Skies, Sky Objects, LUTs, Aurora HDR software, Textures, and E-books.

Additional Surprise Offers

Other than the 5 listed Luminar X benefits, you will also get seasonal offers and exclusive gifts like free Sky Objects packs.


Luminar X Membership is currently offered at an introductory price of US$59 per year (about US $5 a month). It is a great value for those who are trying to improve their photography without breaking the bank.

Use coupon code ‘EDITINGCORP‘ to get $10 OFF on Luminar X Pro membership.

You can cancel the subscription at any time

Membership Benefits are subject to change and may not be available everywhere. Subject to taxes, where applicable.