A list of 8 most essential DaVinci Resolve templates to minimize complexity in your editing workflow and do more in less time.

DaVinci Resolve is an industry-standard all-in-one post-production software. It’s all you need to edit and color-correct your videos, process audio, and create stunning visual effects and motion graphics.

It eliminates the need to learn and use multiple software for different tasks.

Having everything in a single software tool helps in retaining the camera’s original quality throughout the entire creative process. And by learning DaVinci Resolve, you learn to use the exact same tools professional colorists, editors, VFX artists, and sound engineers use.

As a beginner or someone with very little experience, you can use DaVinci Resolve templates to minimize complexity and do more in less time.

Therefore we did the hard work of going through many different templates to curate this list of the 8 most essential DaVinci Resolve templates.

1. 1000+ Motion Graphic Elements


This DaVinci Resolve template is a pack of more than 1000 fully customizable motion graphic elements. It is currently the biggest DaVinci Resolve pack in the marketplace.

You can very easily combine hundreds of elements in your project, get creative with typography, and do much more.

The pack includes 35 backgrounds, 20 callouts, 17 lower thirds, 47 social media icons and elements, 41 text titles, 26 infographics, 44 hand-drawn elements, 44 light leaks, 47 icons, 120 transitions, 30 overlays, and a massive collection of 400 color grading LUTs.

Also included are the detailed video tutorials with voiceovers to help you learn and use this DaVinci Resolve template.

2. Super Creators Pack


This is a big and bold super creators pack for DaVinci Resolve with over 3300 high-quality elements. All elements are well organized in a folder structure that makes this pack super easy to use.

You can customize these elements according to your project with the help of simple slider and duration controls.

This DaVinci Resolve template includes various different transitions along with sound FX, titles, Hollywood-inspired color grading LUTs, social media icons, light leaks, and motion-tracked callouts (added later in the free update).

Super Creators Pack is compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17 and above versions.

3. 1500+ All-In-One Pack


1500+ All-In-One package is yet another product that deserves a spot in our list of essential DaVinci Resolve templates.

It offers a massive collection of 1000 transitions, 450+ LUTs, titles, callouts, light leaks, and more.

This pack is optimized to work flawlessly with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems including the latest Mac M1 chip.

Want more? you also get 250+ sound FX to go with your video elements which makes this a complete post-production package.

4. 200+ Essential Elements


This is a must-have DaVinci Resolve template for every YouTuber out there. It contains 200+ elements in 4K resolution from 13 different categories.

You’ll get many different styles of titles, comments, end screens, info bars, LUTs, stories, lower thirds, openers, social media, quotes, subscribe buttons and icons, transitions, and infographics.

Installing and using this pack is simple. You just need to copy and paste the element files into your DaVinci Resolve template folder. Then simply drag and drop your desired element from the effects panel in your editing timeline.

It works with both the free trial and paid version of DaVinci Resolve.

5. Seamless Transitions


This pack contains more than 16 categories of seamless transitions for DaVinci Resolve 16 and above versions.

To make a transition work, you just need to drag and drop it in your timeline. Moreover, these transitions work with any screen resolution and aspect ratio.

Sound FX files are also included to make these transition effects more engaging.

Last but not the least, detailed video tutorials are also included in the project to help you learn and use these DaVinci Resolve transitions.

6. Unique Modern Titles


With this DaVinci Resolve template, you can create trendy and attractive titles for any kind of video project.

Once installed, you will find these titles well organized in the DaVinci Resolve edit page for quick application. It’s super easy to change text color, fonts, scale, and more with a built-in easy-to-use interface.

In total, there are 30 titles in this template, and can be resized to 4K resolution with no loss in image quality.

It is compatible with DaVinci Resolve 16 and above versions.

7. BOX Transitions & Effects


Boost your video production to the next level with over 2000 dynamic assets and elements for Davinci Resolve. There are literally thousands of transitions in templates that you can use in your projects.

Just select the transition you like, then drag and drop it into the timeline. BOX transitions are super easy to use for any skill level.

Other than transitions, the pack also includes 250 LUTs for color grading, more than 600 sound effects, various titles, and callouts.

8. RTFX Generator


RTFX Generator is a pack of hundreds of hand-drawn (over 600) FX animations for DaVinci Resolve 16 and other latest versions.

It is best suitable for game designers and motion graphic artists as it is highly trusted by major game developers and digital media creators.

This current version of RTFX Generator is designed for DaVinci Resolve, however, you can use the pre-rendered clips in other non-linear video editing software.

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