Adobe After Effects is known for its flexibility and user-friendly interface, making it a favorite among motion designers. The range of wedding templates available for After Effects has truly outdone itself, offering many styles to suit every wedding theme.

Our curated list of the top 10 After Effects Wedding Titles Templates is designed to save you time and enhance your creative process. These templates are not only visually stunning but also incredibly easy to use, allowing you to customize them to fit your specific needs.

From elegant calligraphy to floral designs, each template adds a unique flair to your wedding videos, making them unforgettable.

We understand that every wedding video is a story of love and celebration, and the right titles can elevate this narrative. That’s why we’ve selected templates that not only look beautiful but also resonate with the emotions of the big day.

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1. 14 Wedding Titles

This After Effects wedding titles template offers 14 elegant, customizable titles for wedding videos. Compatible with After Effects CC 2021+, it features Full HD resolution, MOGRT files, and includes a video tutorial. No plugins required.

2. 45 Wedding Titles

This After Effects wedding template offers 45 customizable titles in 5 styles: floral, solemn, vintage, romantic, and plant. It’s user-friendly, ideal for beginners, and includes a video tutorial. The project supports Full HD and 4K resolutions, requires no plugins, and features a link to a free font. Compatible with After Effects CC 2023+.

3. 240 Wedding Titles

This is a simple and easy-to-use After Effects Wedding Template with 240 romantic wedding titles. The titles are divided into 4 categories and 80 different styles with 3 variations of each. You can easily customize them inside Adobe After Effects without using any third-party plugin.

4. 40 Flourish Wedding Titles

Enhance your wedding videos with 40 Flourish Wedding Titles, a high-quality, modern, and clean design template for After Effects CC 2021+. It’s fully customizable with editable colors, text, in & out duration, and scalable to any size and resolution. No plugins are required.

5. 100 Wedding Titles

100 Wedding Titles is a library of wedding typography and titles that works directly inside After Effects 2017 and above. This After Effects wedding titles template is super easy to use. Just copy the included MOGRT files into the Essential Graphics library location, drag and drop the titles, and change the text, colors, scale, and position.

6. 50 Wedding Titles

50 Wedding Titles is a perfect collection of unique hand-drawn illustrations for wedding photographers and videographers. This After Effects wedding title template is also a great choice for anniversaries, wedding invitations, and photo slideshows. Download these wedding titles today to enhance those cherished moments.

7. Elegant Wedding Titles Pack

The elegant Wedding Titles Pack features 25 different templates in a single product. It includes 8 title bumpers with 1 end title sequence, 15 title templates to place over your video including 1 end title sequence, and 2 lower thirds.

8. Vintage Romantic Wedding Titles

This template offers 31 animated vintage romantic style titles, including 8 date title animations. Each title offers easy customization, “In” and “Out” animations, and a 10-second duration. This pack is perfect for wedding openers, romantic slideshows, or Valentine’s Day postcards. Full HD quality, no plugins required, with PDF help and free font links included.

9. Responsive Wedding Titles

This After Effects wedding titles template offers 12 unique and modern titles, featuring a responsive system where elements connect seamlessly. It requires After Effects CC 2022 for initial setup but operates in After Effects using the Essential Graphics panel. It includes free updates, and a detailed tutorial for beginners, and supports both Square and full HD vertical resolutions at 30 fps.

10. 20 Wedding Titles

This Wedding Titles Pack for After Effects offers 20 customizable titles, perfect for creating floral and minimal wedding titles. It’s user-friendly: simply select a design, type your text, or enhance scenes with the included wedding light leaks. This pack combines ease of use with full-color customization, featuring wedding text animations and floral designs.