Discover the ultimate collection of After Effects transition packs hand-picked for 2024. Unleash your creativity with 30 top-notch packs.

The first computerized nonlinear video editing program came up in 1971. Since then, Editors have been trying unique and creative ways to seamlessly transition between the cuts.

Fading in and out were the two most used transition effects during the early years of video editing. After the introduction of Adobe’s After Effects and Premiere Pro in the early 90s, ushering in an era of professional digital editors, transitions have become an important part of the video editing process.

Today, transitions can either make or break a video. It all depends on using them as and when required. However, not everyone has the time or skills to create custom transitions from scratch. This is where After Effects transition packs come in handy.

In this listicle, we will be exploring the 30 best Adobe After Effects transition packs, designed to help you save time and effort by providing pre-designed transitions.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these templates will help you create professional-looking transitions that will take your videos to the next level. Each template is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the duration, colors, and other settings to fit your video project’s specific needs.

We have also included 6 FREE-TO-DOWNLOAD After Effects transition packs at the bottom of the list.

1. Pixelland Transitions Pack

Pixelland After Effects Transitions Pack is an expansive and dynamic collection of over 600 meticulously crafted transitions from 9 distinct categories. Elevate your video production with seamless and creative transitions, enabling you to create stunningly professional videos effortlessly.

2. Colorful Transitions

Colorful Transitions for After Effects is a premium pack featuring 30 vibrant and straightforward transitions, ideal for enhancing your videos and slideshows. Experience user-friendly controls, allowing effortless customization and seamless blending for dynamic and distinctive visual compositions.

3. 200 Transitions Pack

200 Transitions Pack is a collection of top-tier and practical transitions all in one comprehensive package. Compatible with After Effects CS6 and above, the pack offers versatile resolutions, including Full HD and 4K. Benefit from a well-organized template, 200 transitions, and included sound effects.

4. 110+ Flat Transitions

Discover the 110+ Flat Transitions designed for After Effects. This versatile pack includes over 110 seamless flat transitions for any aspect ratio. Experience effortless usage with no plugins required and enjoy three distinct categories: line, slide, and wavy transitions. Control element colors and composition resolution with ease using the intuitive slider.

5. Gradient Transitions Pack

The Gradient Transitions Pack for After Effects is a toolkit to elevate your video editing experience. Enjoy the convenience of the PremiumBuilder Extension Tool for seamless integration. This pack boasts 100 high-quality gradient transitions, all in Full HD resolution. Effortlessly customize colors using the intuitive Color Controls feature.

6. 1600+ Transitions & Assets

1600+ Transitions & Assets features a collection of seamless transitions and assets crafted to enhance your video editing endeavors. Experience ease of use with a built-in customizer, providing effortless customization options. Download the demo to access 100 free transitions before making a purchase.

7. 2300+ Videolancer’s Transitions

2300+ Videolancer’s Transitions is an extensive collection of dynamic and seamless transitions crafted to elevate your projects. Enjoy auto-resizable transitions that adapt perfectly to wide-format videos or vertical Instagram content. Navigate effortlessly through the user-friendly interface, ensuring swift access to the perfect transition for your needs.

8. Glitch Transitions

Glitch Transitions offers 700 glitch transitions, fully resizable to suit any screen aspect ratio. Elevate your projects with high-quality 4K resolution transitions, effortlessly customizable through the included color, animation speed, and control options. Seamlessly integrate dynamic glitch effects into your video editing.

9. 2500 ALL-IN-ONE Transitions

Download this extraordinary collection comprising over 2200 elements, including Transitions, Titles, Flash FX, Sound FX, Color LUT, Camera FX, and more. Seamlessly elevate your videos with versatile transitions that adapt flawlessly to any aspect ratio and video resolution.

10. 4000+ Essential Transitions

This After Effects Transitions Pack features 4,000 transitions, 210 titles, and 140 sound FX, designed to elevate your video editing experience. Seamlessly integrate with Premiere Pro via Adobe Dynamic link. Comprehensive video tutorials are included to guide you through the usage of these versatile transitions.

11. Torn Paper 4K

Torn Paper 4K is a remarkable After Effects transitions pack designed to meet your production demands. Elevate your projects with stunning 4K torn paper transition reveals, offering dynamic color customization on the fly. Explore 12 essential transitions compatible with various media, including photos and footage.

12. Transitions 365

Transition 365 is a unique transition pack combining various styles to elevate your video editing endeavors. Explore an extensive range of transitions, including squares, circles, slides, wipes, abstracts, splash, brush strokes, and more. Effortlessly customize colors with no need for third-party plugins.

13. 200+ Multipurpose Transitions Kit

Introducing the ‘200+ Multipurpose Transitions Kit’ for Adobe After Effects – a versatile collection designed to enhance your videos with visually captivating transitions. Effortlessly resize transitions up to ultra HD 4K resolution. Experience ease of use with included video tutorials.

14. 90 Transitions Pack

This is a dynamic collection of over 90 motion graphics transitions crafted to elevate your video projects. Effortlessly enhance your visuals with user-friendly transitions that offer easy customization through color controllers.

15. Mega Transitions FX Pack

The Mega Transitions FX Pack is an extensive collection featuring 305 seamless transitions across 14 diverse categories. This pack offers effortless drag-and-drop functionality. Explore online and offline preview galleries for easy selection. No plugins are required, and the universalized expressions ensure compatibility with all languages. Elevate your video editing with the Mega Transitions FX Pack.

16. 70 Transitions Pack

70 Transitions Pack for Adobe After Effects is a versatile collection of 70 color transitions. Seamlessly incorporate Lower Thirds and Titles for added creativity and professionalism. Ideal for corporate videos, slideshows, YouTube content, Vlogs, and various other projects. Streamline your video editing and storytelling with this essential transitions pack.

17. 1600+ Seamless Transitions

1600+ Seamless Transitions is an After Effects transitions pack designed to infuse your videos with dynamic visual storytelling. Enjoy effortless color and effects customization with intuitive controls, allowing you to transform your videos with a few clicks. Unleash your creativity with this versatile transition pack.

18. 1300+ Transitions For After Effects

1300+ Transitions features a collection of versatile transitions to elevate your video editing experience. Seamlessly resize transitions to fit any screen aspect ratio. Navigate through an HTML library to preview transitions before using. Benefit from both video tutorials and PDF documentation included in the package for easy usage.

19. Distortion Zoom Transitions

Distortion Zoom Transitions is a remarkable collection featuring 170 dynamic zoom transitions for both After Effects and Premiere Pro. Seamlessly integrate with ease using the Motion Bro extension or simply drag and drop. These transitions are re-sizable to suit any aspect ratio, allowing for unparalleled creative flexibility.

20. Split Handy Transitions

Split Handy Transitions for After Effects features more than 400 dynamic transitions. Effortlessly preview and apply transitions with a single click, ensuring a smooth editing process. Benefit from user-friendly controls, including real-time time stretch to adjust the transition animation speed.

21. Geometric Transitions Big Pack

Geometric Transitions Big Pack is a collection of professionally animated geometric transitions with 220+ shape elements. Customize each transition with ease using color controllers. Benefit from the included tutorial, which guides you through seamless implementation in your videos. Elevate your editing with this After Effects transitions pack..

22. Complicated Drop Ink Transition Pack

Complicated Drop Ink Transition Pack is a collection of original and unique transitions with intricate drop-ink effects. Elevate your videos and slideshows with artistic transitions, inspiring paper drawing visuals, logo reveals, minimalistic logotype openers, elegant adventure or travel slideshows, and vibrant introductions. Add creative flair to your projects with this dynamic transitions pack.

23. Epic Distortion Transitions

Epic Distortion Transitions for Adobe After Effects—a powerful pack featuring over 100 transitions across 7 categories, complete with color correction presets and light leaks. Enjoy Full HD resolution and a comprehensive video tutorial. Elevate your editing with this epic transitions pack.

24. Multiscreen Transitions Pack

The Multiscreen Transitions Pack features more than 100 transitions. This pack is essential for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators seeking visual continuity and sustained audience interest. With its innovative one-click duration and speed control, experience heightened efficiency and productivity across diverse content projects.

25. 10 Colorful Transitions – Free To Download

This free After Effects template features 10 colorful transitions that are perfect for your YouTube videos, presentations, and promotional videos. You can directly import this template into any After Effects composition to apply the transitions. Or, simply render the transitions in QuickTime MOV format with alpha transparency, Import the render files into After Effects or any other video editor of your choice, then drag and drop them into the timeline.

26. 14 Warp Transitions – Free To Download

Take a look at our Free Warp Transitions After Effects template that is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5 and all the above versions. It is super easy to customize with built-in color controls. That means you can quickly and easily change the color of transitions to almost anything. Free Warp Transitions After Effects transitions template comes as a single project file with 14 different compositions – one for every warp transition.

27. 30+ Motion Graphic Transitions – Free To Download

30+ free motion graphics video transitions pack contains 33 full HD and pre-keyed transitions for After Effects. These transitions are ready to use out of the box. Just import them into After Effects, then drag and drop the transitions into the timeline on top of the footage layer.

28. 15 Light Leaks Transitions – Free To Download

Download this free transitions pack of 15 premium and high-quality light leak transitions for Adobe After Effects and other non-linear video editors such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas, Avid, and more. The transitions are pre-rendered in Full HD resolution with built-in alpha transparency which makes them super easy to use.

29. 7 Light Leaks Transitions – Free To Download

Light Leaks transitions are a great way to blend your videos. This amazing package of 7 Light Leaks Transitions pack is free to download. These are perfect for wedding cinematic films, short films, music videos, nature, and travel videos. You can mix various light leak transitions to create several different variations as well.

30. 8 Minimal Transitions – Free To Download

8 Free Minimal Transitions is a free-to-download After Effects CS5 template with built-in color control options for easy customization. Each transition has an in-and-out animation for seamless cutting between 2 shots. 8 Minimal Transitions Free After Effects transitions template comes as a single project file with 8 different compositions – one for each transition.