According to a study of e-commerce companies, almost 75% of customers depend on product images while buying them. So you must showcase the most charming and smooth images with a realistic touch to get attention. 

However, e-commerce image editing can help you to make the raw images more presentable. 

Finding the best image editing services for e-commerce is tough because some companies have poor editing quality, weak customer service, inexperienced designers, and sell product images to other people, affecting the real business owner. 

 After working with several image editing services, we’ve kept Clipping Path Studio’s e-commerce image editing service on top of our list because we’ve got perfect editing quality with smooth finishing by skilled designers.

We’ll share our working experience with this photo retouching studio. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Why You Need Professional Photo Editing Services For Your Business

  • Around 49% of e-commerce product returns in the U.S. occur because the products look different from the images. Hiring professional photo editing services can create a realistic presentation of the product photos, and you can get rid of product returns. 
  • Image editing companies have experienced professionals to present your brand vision with unique visualization. 
  • They can enhance the image quality, remove unpleasant backgrounds, correct the color graduation, transform pictures into art, and add a realistic touch to the product images. 
  • These services can save time and help you focus on your business growth. 

Clipping Path Studio’s Photo Editing Services to Boost Your E-Commerce Quickly

If you want to boost your e-commerce and reach more customers, it’s essential to present perfect and eye-catching images that will grab their attention. But taking good pictures won’t be enough, editing is a must to showcase them better. And Clipping Path Studio can help you with their multiple editing options. 

1. Clipping Path

Clipping Path

The clipping path editing is necessary for removing objects from the background. It draws a line around the image object with a digital pen tool and cuts it from the real background. 

It combines multiple images into one image and can remove unwanted elements from the image or change the background. Moreover, it should be precise and accurate, so it’s best to take professional services for using a clipping path edit for your e-commerce images. 

Thus, Clipping Path Studio comes up with a fantastic package for this editing within a budget-friendly price range. They provide edited ones as quickly as possible. 

Pricing: It will cost around $0.29 for simple editing, $1.49 for medium-range editing, and $7 for multiple clipping path editing. 

2. Background Removal

Background Removal

Keeping a clean background while clicking images is pretty difficult. In that case, you feel uncomfortable sharing the pictures on your e-commerce ventures. But what if you can remove the background with a simple Photoshop editing?  

Now you must be thinking, is it even possible? Surprisingly, it does. However, it’s better to hand it over to the Clipping Path Studio if you aren’t familiar with Photoshop. It requires 100% attention and editing skills to remove the background. And they have some experts in background removal editing.  

Pricing: The background removal starts from $0.29 for each image. It varies with different pictures. 

3. Product Photo Retouching

Product Photo Retouching

Presenting a flawless image is necessary for an e-commerce business because it’s the only way to attract customers in the first place. But clicking pictures with no blemishes, wrinkles, or spots is a challenge. 

To solve this problem, Clipping Path Studio offers an excellent variety of photo retouching services. From skin retouching to high-end photo retouching, portrait retouching, fashion photo retouching, and jewelry retouching packages are available in this e-commerce image editing company. 

Pricing: Compared to other image editing services, they provide these services at an affordable price, starting at $0.60 per image. 

4. Flat-Lay Photo Editing

Flat-Lay Photo Editing

For e-commerce companies, most people use flat-lay photography, making the products more attractive and focused. Raw images are quite messy most of the time, and to make them better, you can use the special flat-lay photo editing service of Clipping Path Studio. 

In that way, we suggest taking the e-commerce product photo editing packages because they include almost everything you want to edit the flat-lay pictures. But editing is not enough, you also need to take professional photographers to click perfect flat-lay pictures as well. 

Pricing: It delivers edited images faster than other services, and the prices start from $0.29 for each image. However, the editing cost depends on the image quality. 

5. Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect

Sometimes, you need to hang your products on mannequins. But it doesn’t always look good and seems unattractive. And that’s where the ghost mannequin effect comes in! It removes the mannequin and will make the product image 3D so you’ll feel like the dress is on someone. 

However,3D images are suitable for e-commerce companies because they attract more people and get better sales. 

Clipping Path Studio provides the best ghost mannequin effect packages, such as 3D ghost mannequin, bottom joint on ghost mannequin, neck joint manipulation, and sleeves joint on ghost mannequin at a reasonable price range. 

Pricing: These packages start from $0.60 for each image. You’ll be amazed by the visible difference between the raw and edited images. 

6. Image Masking

Image Masking

Image masking is the best option if you require little changes on the image objects or add different backgrounds. It’ll correct the particular flaws of the images and cut them out accurately.  

When it comes to Clipping Path Studio, they add complex handmade masking to make the photos better.  They are also efficient in image cutout and Photoshop hair masking. 

Pricing: It belongs to the Professional Photoshop Services of this e-commerce image editing company. Thus, it charges $0.6 to $2.5 for per image. 

7. Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation

If you want to transform your raw images into fine art, then image manipulation is the utmost choice. It requires professional Photoshop knowledge to manipulate the images perfectly. Otherwise, low-quality editing can ruin the pictures. 

Pricing: This photo retouching edit will cost around 0.6 per image. It’s also a part of the Professional Photoshop Services package of Clipping Path Studio. 

8. Shadow Creation

Shadow Creation

Creating realistic images for an e-commerce business is essential to boost sales. One of the best ways to get it done is shadow creation. Clipping Path Studio comes up with a premium shadow creation package with drop shadow effects, natural shadow creation, reflection shadow, and floating shadow. 

Pricing: This editing service starts from $0.30 per image. Your product images should be clear for these editing options. 

9. Color Correction

Color Correction

The most challenging part of editing the product images is correcting the color because it’s difficult to understand white balance adjustment, saturation correction, and color grading adjustments.

But don’t worry! Clipping Path Studio brings top-notch photo color correction services with photo color changing, texture replacement on product photos, photo color matching, and photo color correction. 

Pricing: The premium color correction package starts from $0.99 for each photo. 

Now, you’ve got a complete idea of the services of Clipping Path Studio. But do you know why you should choose their services? And what are the benefits of hiring them for your e-commerce business?  We’ll talk about the advantages of Clipping Path Studio now. 

Outsource Your Photo Editing Needs to Clipping Path Studio: A Trusted Partner

Outsource Your Photo Editing Needs to Clipping Path Studio: A Trusted Partner

Not all of the image retouching services come up with the best outcomes. Many agencies lack professionalism and proper customer support. We were also in doubt when we hired Clipping Path Studio, but they proved us wrong.  Here is why we love this image editing company: 

1. Cost-Efficient

We’ve tried several photo editing services earlier for our e-commerce websites. But these were too expensive to use regularly. That’s why we were looking for something budget-friendly. And then we’ve got Clipping Path Studio. They offer the price ranges from $0.29 to $7, less than other companies. 

2. Turn Around Time

The problem with most image retouching services is the slow delivery process. But Clipping Path Studio offers 63% fastest delivery.  Their turnaround time is quick, with a smooth finishing that helps to improve your e-commerce sales. 

3. 24/7 Support

While posting the edited pictures from Clipping Path Studio, we thought it would be better if we made more color gradation changes. But it was quite late at night, and we were worried about customer support. Surprisingly, when we contacted their emergency support, we got one of their executives to get the help immediately. 

4. Privacy and Security

Many e-commerce business owners struggle with fraud photo retouching agencies. They use images without permission and breach the business owner’s privacy policy. But in that case, Clipping Path Studio can assure you with their high protection image transferring process. 

5. Quality Work

Poor quality editing often damages the product images and affects the e-commerce business’s reputation. When you hire Clipping Path Studio, you no longer have to worry about the quality of work because they have more than 150 certified professionals to get your work done with the best quality. 

6. Check in Previous Work

The best part of this image editing company is you can look into their previous work before hiring their services. Sounds impressive, right? It isn’t available in all photo retouching labs. But you’ll get a glimpse of their works on the portfolio. 

7. Read Customer Reviews

When we chose this editing company, we read many customer reviews from a Photoshop forum. Most of their clients are satisfied with their services and recommend them. Here is one of the best reviews we’ve got. 

According to Courtney Cook, the photographer of Solid and Striped, “Great communication and the work was high quality with a quick turnaround. Also, the results were quite great. I went for the free trial of image clipping services at first and then decided to work- Gosh! I was right. They are indeed the best.”

8. Trial or Sample Work

Apart from their portfolio, you can take their free trial or sample work option from their website. We took their free trial before we started working with them. All of our team members were amazed at the amazing outcomes of their services, and then we went for the paid collaboration. 

That’s not all, mate! We’ve found some queries about choosing image retouching companies and thought of answering them to help you out. 


What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Editing Services?

You can concentrate on developing your business more once you outsource the photo editing services. For the growth of your business,  you should outsource these editing services to get professional images and increase your sales. 

What are the Common Challenges of Using E-commerce Image Editing Services?

The common challenges of hiring e-commerce image editing services are privacy issues, poor edit quality, slow delivery time,  insecure image transferring process, and unprofessional customer service. 

Do E-commerce Image Editing Services Help to Get More Customers?

Yes. It helps to engage more clients and improve the sales growth of e-commerce image editing services. A good quality image can get you more than 20% of sales lift within a short time. Yet, it also helps you to upgrade your revenues. 

Can Color Correction Improve Product Images of E-Commerce Business?

Yes. When the images look beautiful and come up with better visual appeal, it improves your e-commerce business’s product images. Because it helps to build up reliability, potentiality, and attractiveness. 

How to Choose Trustable Image Editing Services for Your E-commerce Business? 

You need to consider some factors while choosing image editing services, such as checking their image transferring policies, editing options, customer reviews, and previous work samples. Also, look into the editing quality and start with their free trial if available. 

Final Thoughts

After discussing all these, we think now it’s easier for you to understand the importance of hiring e-commerce image editing services for your business and the reasons to choose Clipping Path Studio. You can undoubtedly hand the product images to them and get the best service.

Before booking their services, we suggest taking their free trial at least once to understand their work quality, turnover time, and consistency. We hope you’ll get the best experience with them. So, best of luck! 

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