If photography is an art, then long-exposure photography is a fusion of both art and science. It possesses the potential to yield stunning results. This distinctive and innovative style of photography has gained immense popularity over the past few years.

Now, with the ability to control the duration of camera shutters with precision, photographers from around the globe have captured some of the most breathtaking and imaginative long-exposure images.

If you’ve just begun exploring long-exposure photography and are seeking inspiration, here are some exceptional long-exposure photographs.

All images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

1. Snowy Beach At Night

Long Exposure Photographs

2. Rush Hour

Long Exposure Photographs

3. Ferrybridge Power Station By Stephen Cheatley

Long Exposure Photographs

4. Long Exposure By Mr_Samson


5. State Fair By Dan Anderson

minisota fair

6. Ferris Wheel By Brandon Godfrey

ferris wheel

7. Long Exposure By Sarfraz Abbasi


8. Arc De Triomphe By Shaunak Guha Roy


9. Amsterdam By Stewart Leiwakabessy


10. Long Exposure By Piero Donadeo

long exposure face

11. Falling Angel By Gus Mercerat

falling angel

12. Socoa Long Exposure By AirOne DB


13. Long Exposure By Renée Louise Anderson


14. Sparkling Car By Evan


15. Light Painting Long Exposure By sfrancis23


16. Millennium Bridge By Vivien J-Dora

millennium bridge

17. Pretzel By Tobias Neubert


18. Niagara Falls By hey its k

niagara falls

19. Eiffel Tower By Breezy Baldwin

eiffel tower

20. Long Exposure By Lee Walker