Earlier I announced the Marvel Opening Screen After Effects Template when it was still in development Phase. At first I thought of selling it for few dollars on website’s like Videohive and Motion Elements, but since the Template is too complicated to understand, I am giving away the Project File for free.

I tried my best to re-arrange all the compositions in the Project File as well as sort them out with proper naming so that you can modify the Title Text and Images easily.

Take a look at a Sample Render of the Project File.

Watch this Video on YouTube

Update: This project file was free for a limited time period only. But Don’t worry, it only costs $5.99.

The Entire content for the Template are archived in a ZIP and it contains the Project File itself along with 15 Comic Page Images, a background Sound and the Font.

Download Marvel Intro AE Template

Marvel Opening Screen After Effects Template Overview

There are 4 main compositions in the Project File that you can modify to make changes to the Template. The Text Comp can be used to edit the Text, Images comp can help you re align or correct the movement of the images which are animated in a Flipbook manner using Position Key Frames.

The ‘Marvel Opening Template comp’ is the actual composition where all the elements are composited together and the ‘Final Render comp’ is the Pre-composed version of the ‘Marvel Opening Template comp’ just to bind everything in one and final layer.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

How to Change the Text in the Project File

Watch this Video on YouTube

Since the Template’s are meant to be customized, you can change the Text by using the Text Comp.

Now, there are two text layers in the Text Composition, The one at the top is just for creating the Black Outline of the Text and below one is the actual text layer. You have to change the text in both the layers.

For instance, if I wish to change the text from Marvel to Editingcorp, I can very easily go into the Text Comp, double click on the first layer and type in Editingcorp, then double click on the second layer and again type in Editingcorp. This will update my text in all the Compositions.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

How to change the Background Images

To change the background Images, you have to replace the Image files which are inside the Image folder. This can be done easily by right clicking on an image and selecting Replace Footage > File or using the Keyboard Shortcut key CTRL + H. You can then browse for any new image from your computer or storage.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

Replacing Images by above method will affect your Images Comp, maybe due to change in Image resolution. Go into the Images comp and check the animation, you can adjust any defects by using the Position key Frames.

If you experience further problems, post it in the comment section below.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

Changing the Size of the Text

If you wish to increase of decrease the size of the Text, simply go into Marvels Opening Template Comp and select the 3 Text Layers which are highlighted in the below image.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

Press ‘S’ on your keyboard and it will bring out the Scale values, changing these value will change the size of the Text but make sure you are change the value’s by same amount in all 3 layers.

Marvel Opening Screen Free After Effects Template

As I said earlier, the project file is too complicated to work with and I will try to update it with a more organized and friendly version in the future.


  1. Hey there, I was wondering is there any way to remove the color distortion? Also Is there any way for me to add more photos to this without them repeating? Awesome work! Would love to see a tutorial about this and how you constructed it all! Hope to hear from you soon, great work.

    • Hi Emmit,

      I created this as a test template, I just wanted to create something that is similar to original Marvel’s Opening sequence, that’s why the project file is not compiled in a template manner. You can definitely add more images but you have to alter the image composition, which can be tricky. About the distortion part, are you taking about the blurring effect?

  2. hi! when i try to extract the downloaded project files, its asking for password! could you help me with that please?

  3. FYI, the font Bebas is MUCH more accurate for the Marvel logo (and is free to use commercially), though don’t use Bebas Neue – the ‘R’ is better in the original Bebas font. Also to make this even more accurate the kerning and tracking should be adjusted manually to have that overlapping letter style the Marvel logo has.

  4. Hi, when I just replace the image files which are inside the image folder, the film won’t flipping like what it was. Does the image’s size effect the flipping? Could you help me with the problem please? Thanks a lot!

    • Did you directly import all your images in the image folder? If yes, the flipping effect will not work. Instead replace the images as mentioned in the article above. In your project panel, right click on an image and go to Replace Footage > File and then select your new image.

  5. Whenever I render my changes, it does not render any sound. All I’ve done is changed the text, and export the whole thing. Any idea why?

  6. I’ve came to show my respect for this…thank you! Been looking for this…but I didn’t know it’s was for after effect. Will this work for mac adobe effect?

  7. Seems that after replacing each image with my own, the flipping pages movement freezes, then un-freezes in the final render.

  8. Hi, could you please teach me on:
    1) how to change the colour of the background;
    2) how to remove the fade out effect at the end of the opening.

    I thank you in advance.

  9. after doing everything like u said….the picture roll stops in between in the final edit…and not able to find the key frames to adjust that.


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