Marvel Intro is a free Adobe After Effects template for creating Marvel Studios like opening screen with customizable text and images.

Want to create a Marvel Intro look alike video but with your own set of images and videos? Look no further!

Our Marvel Intro Free After Effects template comes with 15 customizable media placeholders and a text holder for the main text.

The template also includes the Marvel font and a background audio file.

Marvel Intro After Effects Template

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Customizing Marvel Intro After Effects Template

Customizing and editing the free Marvel Intro template is very easy. There are 4 main compositions in the project file.

marvel Intro After Effects Template comps
  • Text Comp – You can edit the main text using the text composition.
  • Images Comp – You can replace the images with your own using the image’s composition.
  • Marvel Opening Template Comp – This is the main composition where all the elements are combined together.
  • Final Render Comp – This is the pre-composed version of the Marvel Opening Template Comp to combine everything in one final layer.

How To Change The Text

To change the main text, double-click on the text comp to open it. There are 2 text layers in the text compositions.

The one at the top generates the black outline of the text and the bottom one is the main text layer.

Marvel Intro After Effects Template

You need to change the text in both layers. Make sure you type in the same text in both for the effect to work properly.

How To Change The Background Images

To change the flipping background images, you have to replace the existing images inside the Image folder.

To do that, expand the Images folder, then right-click on an image and select Replace Footage > File to select a new image from your computer.

Once you replace all the images, go through the entire flipping animation to check for any glitches. If you find any, use the Position Keyframes to adjust it.

How To Change The Text Size

To increase or decrease the size of the main text, open up ‘Marvel’s Opening Template Comp‘ and select the 3 text layers highlighted in the image below.

Now hit ‘S’ on the keyboard to bring up the scale value. You can increase or decrease the values to scale the main text up or down.

However, make sure to keep the scale values the same in all the 3 text layers.

Marvel Intro Template Compatibility

Marvel Intro – A Free After Effects Template is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5.5 and all the above versions. Also, it does not require any third-party plugins.

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