As we usher in 2024, the trend of multiscreen Premiere Pro templates is gaining popularity. They offer an innovative way to showcase content across various platforms.

These templates not only enhance the visual appeal of your projects but also provide a dynamic and interactive experience for viewers.

In this listicle, we take a look into the ‘Top 10 Multiscreen Premiere Pro Templates of 2024‘. A curated list from Envato Elements that features the most versatile, dynamic, and user-friendly templates available this year.

These Multiscreen Premiere Pro templates are user-friendly and require no additional plugins, making them accessible to users of various skill levels. With options ranging from high-energy typography openers to elegant multiscreen packs, each template ensures that your projects stand out in a crowded digital space.

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1. Multiscreen Slideshow

The Multiscreen Slideshow Premiere Pro Template is a versatile and dynamic tool designed for creating captivating slideshows, trendy openers, energetic intros, or stylish model portfolios. This template stands out with its vibrant animations and smooth slide transitions, ensuring your audience stays engaged from start to finish. It’s an ideal choice for presenting your video story in the most comprehensive and visually appealing manner.

2. Creative Multiscreens

The Creative Multiscreens Premiere Pro Template is a collection of 10 professionally designed multiscreen layouts. Tailored for a variety of uses including intros, presentations, slideshows, promotions, and social media videos, this template ensures your projects stand out. It works effortlessly with both images and videos and requires no additional plugins.

3. Multiscreen Dynamic Opener

The Multiscreen Dynamic Opener Premiere Pro Template is a vibrant and high-energy typography opener perfect for creating impactful animated videos. Ideal for sports, action intros, fashion, travel reels, urban videos, or fast-paced openers, this template is versatile for both professional and personal projects. No plugins are required, and it features easy controls for color and style changes.

4. Vertical Multiscreen Pack

This Multiscreen Premiere Pro template is a collection of vertical multiscreen’s with sleek, smooth animations. It is ideal for those who value minimalism and elegance in their projects. Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio or displaying fashion, food, sports, or travel memories, this template enhances your visuals with its simple yet impactful editing capabilities. It includes 20 two-split, 20 three-split, 20 four-split, 20 five-split, 10 six-split, and 10 seven-split screens.

5. Multiscreen Dynamic Slideshow

This Mutliscreen Premiere Pro Template features a dynamic and high-energy typography opener that brings your videos to life with its synchronized text animations and vibrant design. Perfect for creating animated videos for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, this template is ideal for sports intros, action sequences, stomp-style promos, fashion reels, travel showreels, urban videos, and fast-paced openers. No plugins are required, and it features straightforward controls for effortless color and style changes.

6. Multiscreen Gallery Opener

Experience a world of vivid creativity with the Multiscreen Gallery Opener Premiere Pro Template. Designed to inject a burst of color and excitement into your projects, this 4K resolution template stands out with its exceptional visual clarity and customizable color options to match your unique style and branding needs. It includes 21 media placeholders and 8 text placeholders, all editable to fit your content perfectly.

7. Travel Adventure Multiscreen Opener

Travel Adventure Multiscreen Opener is an ideal Premiere Pro template for showcasing your travel experiences or crafting engaging promos for travel agencies. It is incredibly easy to customize, allowing you to create vibrant videos of your vacations or professional presentations for your travel company, booking agency, or website. The template provides 31 media placeholders, and 11 editable titles, enabling you to beautifully display your travel content.

8. Colorful Multiscreen Slideshow

This bright and lively Multiscreen Premiere Pro template is perfect for showcasing portfolios, images, videos, corporate presentations, or any creative work in a multiscreen format. With 11 different scenes, 27 media placeholders, and 11 text placeholders, the template provides ample space for your creative expression. A detailed Help file is included, ensuring a smooth editing experience.

9. 500 Multiscreen Layouts

‘500 Multiscreen Layouts Premiere Pro Template revolutionizes the way you work with layouts. This template includes a massive collection of 500 layouts, each featuring customizable position, scale, and fade options, and an animation-in duration of 60 seconds. This template is an indispensable asset for anyone looking to create professional-looking multiscreen layouts in Premiere Pro with ease and speed.

10. 222+ Multiscreen Pack

This Multiscreen Premiere Pro template offers a unique way to showcase multiple scenes simultaneously. This pack allows you to seamlessly integrate text and visuals, providing a dynamic and engaging viewing experience. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, you can easily add and arrange your footage or pictures. The pack includes a vast array of 222 multi-screen or split-screen options, all with a duration of 30 seconds.