In this listicle, we’ve curated a list of the 12+ best Premiere Pro Titles Templates created by professional motion graphics artists.

The introduction of MOGRT (Motion Graphics Templates) paved the way for motion designers to create and customize animated titles right inside Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

With Premiere Pro Titles Templates, you can very easily import an entire bundle of pre-created titles into your Premiere Pro project and customize it accordingly.

Premiere Pro’s Essential Graphics Panel has tons of options to change text color, scale, resolution, time duration, and other animation settings.

This eliminated the need to use After Effects. However, you still may need a copy of it installed in your computer system.

There are many different paid and free Premiere Pro Titles templates on the internet, but a lot of them are completely useless.

And so to help you out, I’ve curated this list of the 10 best Premiere Pro Titles Templates created by professional motion graphics artists.

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1. The Ultimate TItles Pack

The Ultimate Titles Pack is yet another best-selling Premiere Pro Titles template on the Envato Elements Marketplace.

It contains more than 200 fully animated and customizable titles classified into 9 different categories.

These are ideal for your YouTube channel, professional video productions, or any scenario that demands high-end visuals.

No matter what resolution, these titles support up to 4K at 60 frames per second.

The Ultimate Titles Pack is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above.

2. Essential Typography Toolkit

This pack offers the most commonly used and popular text-type animation styles that you can easily drag and drop into your Premiere Pro compositions.

There are 30 MOGRT files in resolution up to Ultra High-Definition (4K) that are compatible with Premiere Pro CC all versions.

Essential Typography Toolkit works with any font, is fully customizable with unlimited color options, and doesn’t require any third-party plugin.

3. Stomp Typography

Stomp Typography is a striking Premiere Pro titles template with well-timed and fast-paced rapid transitions and snappy text animations.

This template contains 70 editable text layers, 7 image/video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder.

You can use this template to create intros & openers, presentations, slideshows, TV shows, broadcasts, commercials and so much more.

Stomp Typography works with Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and above.

4. Hand Drawn Brush Titles

Hand Drawn Brush Titles is a versatile collection of 14 Adobe Premiere Pro titles and lower thirds. You can easily change the colors, fonts, scale, position, and brush size as per your project requirements.

The template is resizable and works perfectly with a variety of screen resolutions such as -Full HD, 2K, and 4K.

You will also get step-by-step video tutorials to get started with the Hand Drawn Titles.

The template is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above versions.

5. Massive V2 – Titles Pack For Premiere Pro

Massive V2 is a huge collection of bold and eye-catching titles created to work fast and easily, right inside Adobe Premiere Pro.

The pack includes 72 high-quality titles in 6 different styles with self-adjusting text boxes, duration controls, and other customization options.

Massive V2 is available in 4K resolution and is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above versions.

6. Elegance – Animated Handwriting Typeface

Elegance is an animated Typeface that can be used in several video projects like wedding shoots, Christmas Greetings, Holidays, New Year Wishes, Invitations, Greeting Cards, Vlogs, romantic Openers, Intros, and many more.

The letters are animated at a slow pace with 60 frames per second, which allows you to change the writing speed from very slow and detailed to fast without any quality loss.

Working with the typeface is as easy as it gets: You just need to write your desired text in a textbox and the Motion Graphics Template does the rest for you.

Elegance is available in 4K resolution and works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

7. 50 Glitch Titles MOGRT

50 Glitch Titles is a creative Premiere Pro Titles Template with glitching and distorting effects. The template is perfect for creating ultra-modern titles for TV shows, gaming highlights, promo videos, and more.

It is available in 4K resolution and is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC. A step-by-step video tutorial is also included to help you get started with creating awesome glitch titles.

8. 1000 Animated Premiere Pro titles

This Premiere Pro titles template offers more than 1,000 animated titles for both Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

The pack has been recently updated with 200 new animated titles that include Lower Thirds, Colorful Slides, and Minimal Titles.

1000 Animated Titles template features time duration controls, easily changeable font settings, quick previewing of titles, and help files.

It is super easy to use and is compatible with all screen ratios and resolutions.

9. Auto Resizing Premiere Pro Titles Template

This Premiere Pro titles template is a self or auto-resizing pack with complex shapes and animations.

It includes 144 titles, 47 lower thirds, and 46 social media lower thirds that can automatically adapt to the text you input.

You can also change the duration, colors, and resolution according to your project requirements.

This template works with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, however, you need the same version of After Effects installed as well.

10. 700 Motion Text Presets

This package features more than 700 professional motion text presets for Adobe Premiere Pro.

These ready-to-use presets can help you create unique titles for your video projects.

Every category contains different elements that can be combined in different ways to create unique and stylish titles.

Also, this Premiere Pro template is super easy to use. Simply drag and drop the text preset you like and the template will take care of everything else.

700 Motion Text Presets for Premiere Pro is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 and above.

11. 55+ Premiere Pro Titles

This Premiere Pro title template is perfect for social media ads and video covers. It includes more than 55 high-quality and professional ready-to-use typography scenes.

You simply have to type in your own text, choose a font, and change color. It is that easy.

The scenes can be resized up to Ultra HD (4K), require no third-party plugins, and is compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2018 and above versions.

12. TypoKing

TypoKing for Premiere Pro is one of the top-selling Premiere Pro titles templates featuring over 500 animated titles and kinetic typography text.

It is also self-resizing, which means the font size of your title automatically fits the presets content area.

Some other features of TypoKing are easy-to-change color options, multi-language support, 4K resolution support, 24/7 support, and much more.

13. Film Credits Titles Pack

If you are looking for a Premiere Pro template to create awesome Hollywood-quality titles and credits for your movie, then look no further.

Film Credits Title Pack is a Premiere Pro template that features 82 titles for main characters, 7 cast list types, 7 team list types, 4 title types with video backgrounds, company titles, and award titles.

It is very easy to use as well. Just import your photos, videos, and music into the project and the template will take care of the rest.

The flexibility and customization of the template give you the power to create your own unique look.

Film Credits Titles Template is great for creating award promos, cast lists, cinema credits, movie credits, film end credits, credits lists, movie titles, and other similar content.

14. Premiere Pro Wedding Titles

This Wedding Titles Template for Premiere Pro includes a variety of modern and elegant vintage designs with easy-to-use custom controls.

There are 29 wedding titles in this pack that you can use in any cinematic wedding opener or film.

The wedding Titles Template is compatible with all versions of Premiere Pro CC.

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