Upgrade Your Visual Effects Game with the 5 Best Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles of 2024 – Perfect for Filmmakers and Content Creators.

VFX or Visual Effects has completely changed the way films are made. It enabled filmmakers to create mind-blowing visuals that are almost impossible to achieve practically.

It is an essential tool in modern filmmaking that allowed filmmakers to push the boundaries of creativity and bring their vision to life on the screen.

A key resource that has gained massive popularity among filmmakers is the use of Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles. They eliminate the need for creating VFX from scratch as it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive process.

Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating high-quality VFX. A typical bundle includes assets like explosions, fire, smoke, water, debris, and more.

These bundles are created by VFX artists and studios who specialize in creating production-quality VFX elements for films, commercials, and other projects. They are designed to be compatible with popular compositing programs like Adobe After Effects, Nuke, or Blackmagic Fusion.

Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles are created using industry-standard techniques such as computer-generated simulations, practical effects (shot realistically on cinema cameras), or a combination of both.

How To Choose The Right Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles

There are certain key points to consider when choosing the right film VFX stock footage bundles. These are:

  • Quality & Realism: Always look for VFX elements that are high-quality and realistic looking. Doing so will greatly enhance the overall look of your film and create an immersive experience for the audience.
  • Compatibility: The elements in the bundle should be compatible with the software and hardware you use for editing.
  • Customization Options: Look for Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles that offer customization options. Doing so will give you better creative control in achieving the desired visual effects.
  • Variety of Elements: Choose bundles that offer a wide range of VFX stock footage elements such as fire, explosions, smoke, particles, atmosphere, muzzle flashes, bullet hits, water, debris, and more.
  • Credibility: Lastly, go for the bundles that are widely used by industry professionals. For instance, ActionVFX stock footage elements are used in some of the top Hollywood blockbusters.

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The 5 Best Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles

Take a look at the 5 best film VFX stock footage bundles that can take your visual effects to the next level.

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1. ActionVFX

Over the years, ActionVFX has been a trusted and reliable source of film VFX stock footage bundles for filmmakers, VFX artists, VFX studios, and content creators. Their elements can be seen in some of the major Hollywood blockbusters like Avengers, Kingsman, Spiderman, and more.

ActionVFX library includes explosions, fire, Energy FX, smoke, debris, weather effects, blood, and much more. These elements are created using 8K cinema cameras for maximum quality.

ActionVFX Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles

Their film VFX stock footage bundles cater to various genres such as action, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and more.

The VFX elements included in the bundles also include multiple angle variations and resolutions. This gives filmmakers the flexibility to use the elements in multiple projects.

Currently, ActionVFX is the largest VFX stock library on the planet with more than 3400 elements. You can either opt in for the ActionVFX subscription plan, starting at only $14.99 a month, or pay for individual clips or collections.

This makes ActionVFX a perfect choice for indie filmmakers to big-budget productions. You can also use our exclusive coupon code EDITINGCORP to get 10% OFF on any ActionVFX product.

2. AEJuice Film VFX Bundle

AJuice Film VFX Bundle is a collection of 9 products designed for use in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, and every other non-linear editing program. The bundle includes numerous VFX stock footage elements and tools to help you create stunning visual effects for films, commercials, and other visual productions.

The elements in the AEJuice Film VFX Bundle are created to look realistic and are designed to streamline the VFX process, helping you save time and effort.

Moreover, the AEJuice Film VFX Bundle comes with a commercial license. That means you are free to use the elements in any commercial project without any restrictions.

The various products included in the AEJuice Film VFX Bundle are:

1. Lightning Storm Clouds

Lightning Storm Clouds is a pack of 68 pre-rendered lightning storm cloud effects for creating thunderstorm scenes.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Lightning Storm Clouds

2. Magic Pack

Magic Pack is a collection of 98 pre-rendered magic effects from 9 different categories for magical and fantasy films.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Magic Pack

3. Universe Pack

Universe Pack is a collection of 140 pre-rendered universe effects from 10 different categories such as Asteroids, Galaxies, Planets, Stars, Black Holes, Comets, and more.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Universe Pack

4. 3D Terrain Pack

3D Terrain Pack is a collection of 64 detailed terrain models in E3D and OBJ format for creating realistic-looking 3-dimensional scenes. The models can also be used in Element 3D.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - 3D Terrain Pack

5. Night Sky Aurora

Night Sky Aurora is a collection of 7 animated auroras, 5 twinkling stars, and 5 meteors stock footage elements.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Night Sky Aurora

6. Big Impact

Big Impact is a collection of more than 200 high-quality destruction assets such as building destruction, shock waves, bomb explosions, dust impacts, big bangs, and more.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Big Impact

7. Real Clouds

Real Clouds is a pack of 113 beautiful cloud elements that were recorded in various weather conditions at different times of the year.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Real Clouds

8. Plants Pack

Plants Pack is a pack of 108 realistic plants stock footage. The pack includes bushes, copse, grass, leaves, terrain, and trees.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Plants Pack

9. Blood Pack

Blood Pack is a pack of 125 blood stock footage such as blood splash, dripping, mist, pool, gash, and more.

AEJuice Film VFX Bundle - Blood Pack

When purchased separately, the products included in the bundle cost $1080, however, you can get the AEJuice Film VFX Bundle for just $347.

3. Action Essentials 2

Action Essentials 2 - Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles

Another film VFX stock footage bundle that has gained massive popularity among filmmakers and VFX artists is the Video Copilot Action Essentials 2. It is a collection of pre-keyed (with a transparent background) stock footage elements for creating realistic and high-quality visual effects.

Action Essentials 2 library has more than 2000 high-resolution stock footage clips from 20 different categories like explosions, fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, bullet hits, debris, and more.

Action Essentials 2

Even beginners can easily use this film VFX stock footage bundle as it comes with 60 minutes of training videos. It covers topics like:

  • How to use the stock elements in After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Vegas.
  • Compositing muzzle flashes with bullet shell casings.
  • Compositing a building collapse scene with sparks and debris.
  • Using fireball, glass, and dust elements to create a street explosion scene.

Action Essentials 2 library is quite similar to the ActionVFX but it’s hard to say which one is better. Both bundles are created for completely different types of users.

There are 2 versions of Action Essentials 2 available. A 720p version ($94.95 USD) and a 2K version ($237.45 USD). However, the number of elements in both remains the same.

4. MotionVFX Stock Elements

MotionVFX is an online platform that offers a wide range of film VFX stock footage bundles and other motion graphics templates. With these bundles, you can create mind-blowing cinematic visuals.

MotionVFX stock elements are designed to be used in any compositing or non-linear editing program such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Nuke, Fusion, HitFilm, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX, and more.

Some of the best-selling film VFX stock footage bundles by MotionVFX are:


mKaboom is a collection of 90 fire and explosion stock footage elements that lets you create dynamic, exciting, and cinematic explosive shots. The bundle includes detonations, explosions, dirt impacts, blasts, fires, and more.

mFire 4K

mFire 4K is a collection of 50 realistic fire and flames stock footage elements in high-quality 4K resolution. The elements were shot in slow motion on Phantom Flex 4K. All the elements are pre-keyed, which means you can use them in any compositing software.

mBlast 4K

mBlast 4K is a pack of 79 organic pre-keyed explosion elements, including fireball explosions, fire bursts, burning flames, dust elements, dirt charges, smoke chargers, muzzle flashes, and more. You can composite these elements together to simulate explosions, impacts, and other intense VFX.

mSmoke 4K

mSmoke 4K is a collection of 50 smoke and fog elements for professional VFX. All the elements in the bundle are pre-keyed, which means they have a transparent background. Just add an element on top of your footage, and adjust its color, brightness, and blending mode to achieve a realistic visual effect shot.

mDust 4K

mDust 4K bundle includes 50 exceptional dust stock footage elements in slow motion. You can add realistic dust effects to your videos by simply placing any element on top of your footage. mDust 4K is compatible with any NLE software with blending modes.

Apart from the film VFX stock footage bundles listed above, MotionVFX offers plenty of other bundles as well. Just visit the MotionVFX Stock Elements page and start exploring.

5. FootageCrate

FootageCreate Film VFX Stock Footage Bundles

Last on our list of the best film VFX stock footage bundles is an online platform ‘FootageCrate‘ which offers a huge collection of VFX elements. For $39 a month, you get unlimited access to thousands of production-quality VFX stock footage and other assets.

FootageCrate VFX stock footage library includes:

  • Fire + Sparks: Real fire VFX in stunning 4K resolution. Burning elements, sparks and embers, screen-hits, torches, and much more.
  • Dust + Smoke: A collection of massive distant plumes, hits and bursts, atmospheres, shockwaves, and more.
  • Weather: Includes rain, storms, snow, avalanches, and more for creating epic shots.
  • Dirt + Debris: Whether you need sand sharks in your film or land mines, this collection has it all.
  • Muzzle Flashes: Includes high-definition muzzle flashes for multiple gun types.
  • Glass Elements: HD collection of glass overlays to shatter and break window glasses.
  • Blood Elements: This collection includes blood hits, squibs, splatters, and more in lossless RAW quality.
  • Action Elements: Pre-keyed HD action video elements, 3D shells, bullets, arrows, and more.
  • Henchmen + SWAT: A collection of 4K combat extras to fit many scenes. Corner shots, reload, clearing rooms, hits, and more.
  • Zombies: A collection of 4K zombie extras to fit many environments, including headshots, approaching, wide walking, standing, and more.
  • Water + Ice: Includes water streams, waterfalls, oceans, and more in stunning 4K resolution.