This listicle features more than 10 best NFT Promo Premiere Pro Templates for creating promotional videos to promote your NFT collections.

NFT or Non-Fungible Token has been quite a hot topic in the world of cryptocurrencies. They are unique and can be traded just like old-school trading cards.

NFTs are visual currencies and the best way to sell them is by promoting them through creative animated videos. This can be easily done by using NFT Promo Premiere Pro Templates.

Envato Elements is an online marketplace that offers hundreds of high-quality NFT Promo Premiere Pro Templates. These NFT promo Premiere Pro templates are created by professional animators and motion designers and are super easy to customize.

With Envato Elements, you get unlimited access to thousands of templates, and you can download as many as you want for a flat monthly fee of just $16.50.

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You can insert your NFT images, text, and titles, along with other information and the template will automatically create an engaging video.

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1. NFT Slideshow

NFT Slideshow is a high-quality NFT Promo Premiere Pro template that is useful for creating promo videos, advertisements, intros, Instagram videos, and much more. The template is very easy to edit – Just add your footage, change the text, and render. It is available for social media posts and stories in multiple durations and screen resolutions.

2. Modular NFT Promo

Create stunning NFT promo videos and campaigns with this modern NFT Promo Premiere Pro template. It features 12 unique scenes and uses fully customizable motion library elements to generate titles, shapes, and backgrounds.

3. Opensea NFT Promo

Enjoy the freedom to easily create fresh, dynamic, and eye-catching NFT promotional videos with the Opensea NFT Promo Premiere Pro template. Share your NFT collection with the world with this fully customizable template. It includes 40 media placeholders for your images and videos along with 51 text placeholders.

4. NFT Smart Promo

NFT Smart Promo includes 7 unique scenes and 92 media and 14 text placeholders to showcase your NFT collection in a beautiful promotional video. The template is fully customizable with your own set of media, text, and brand colors.

5. NFT Marketplace Promo

The NFT Marketplace Promo Premiere Pro template is a minute-long project for producing creative NFT promotion videos for YouTube and social media. The template is easy to edit with 16 media placeholders for your images/videos and 16 text placeholders for custom text and titles.

6. NFT Collection

This minute-long Premiere Pro promo template can be used to create a variety of different NFT promo videos. It includes 10 unique scenes with 20 media placeholders and 5 text placeholders for easy customization. The template is powered by the Motion Elements library.

7. Show Your NFT Cards

Do you have an NFT collection and looking for a fun and creative way to promote it? Then take a look at this 30-second long NFT Promo Premiere Pro template. Its energetic and upbeat design will present your NFT collection like no other. 

8. 6-In-1 NFT Promo

The 6-In-1 NFT Promo Premiere Pro template offers versatile and dynamic NFT (Non-Fungible Token) promotional videos. Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2021 and above, it includes both horizontal and vertical templates with UHD 4K, Full HD, and Vertical resolution options. With 50 media placeholders and 1 text placeholder, creating engaging NFT promos is effortless. The template requires no plugins and comes with easy customization and helpful files, making the process seamless for users.

9. NFT Cards Promo

NFT Cards Promo is a Premiere Pro MOGRT Template designed for showcasing and promoting your NFT (Non-fungible token) digital artwork and collections. It’s incredibly user-friendly – simply choose between Glass or Holographic style, insert your media, adjust colors, and hit render! This template provides an ideal platform to mint, promote, showcase, and advertise your artwork and collections with ease, and it requires no plugins.

10. 10000 Unique NFTs

This NFT Promo Premiere Pro template is an eye-catching solution for your next NFT collection drop! This fully modular template grants you complete freedom to effortlessly edit scene sequences, add or remove elements, and customize colors with easy-to-use expression color controls. It comes with 1080p resolution, 40 media placeholders in SQUARE and PORTRAIT formats, and intuitive drag-and-drop customization. Perfect for both seasoned editors and beginners alike!