A lot of Visual Effects we see in big-budget action movies won’t be possible without the VFX stock footage elements. With advancements in camera technology and 8K shooting capability, filmmakers prefer using stock footage for VFX rather than spending time and resources on creating practical effects.

Cost is also the major reason behind this. VFX stock footage elements cost a lot less than creating the same effect practically on set. Moreover, you pay once for the VFX stock footage elements and can use them as many times as you like.

Rain and Water play a major role in a lot of films, and creating such an effect practically requires specialized equipment such as rain machines, extensive lighting setups, and water tanks. These expenses can quickly add up.

To make things easy, ActionVFX came up with 10 bundles that contain more than 300 very high-quality Rain and Water VFX stock footage for creating professional visual effects.

If you are familiar with Video Copilot’s Action Essentials Pack, then ActionVFX is an alternative. However, it’s much BETTER!

ActionVFX includes ExplosionsFireBullet Hits, Blood & Gore, Energy FX, Dust, Debris, & Impacts, Particles, Smoke, and of course –  Rain and Water stock footage.

Rain And Water VFX Stock Footage Bundles

ActionVFX offers 10 bundles with more than 300+ Rain and Water VFX stock footage elements. And with their flexible pricing plans, you can:

Every Rain and Water VFX stock footage is available in 2K, 4K, and 6K resolutions in 10 and 12-bit ProRes 4444 format at 30, 60, or 120 frames per second.

1. Rain

Want to add realistic rain to your scenes? This bundle offer 35 different rain effects. You can pick based on how heavy or light the rain is, how far away it looks, and even how the wind affects it. These effects work for close-up shots or wide scenic views. You can get them in high-quality 2K or 4K sizes. They’re filmed at a smooth 59.94fps with a high-end RED GEMINI 5K camera.

2. Rain Drops On Ground

Want to add raindrop effects? The bundle offer 24 real raindrop videos that look great on smooth surfaces. They’re perfect for any scene with rain. They are filmed from different views, showing changes in rain amount, wind, and closeness of drops. Choose from high-quality 2K or 4K. All were filmed with a top-notch RED GEMINI 5K camera.

3. Dripping Water

Need water drip effects? Here are 37 real videos, perfect for showing water falling from roofs, gutters, or waterfalls. You can choose different amounts of water, wind effects, and how close the drips appear. Pick from high-quality 2K or 4K. They play smoothly and are easy to add to your scenes with the help of pre-keyed Alpha Channel. All were filmed with a top RED GEMINI 5K camera.

4. Rain On Glass

Looking for a ‘rain-on-glass’ effect? This bundle features 30 videos perfect for windows or any clear surface. Use them to add a wet look to any scene. Pick how much rain, how hard it falls, and wind direction. They’re smooth videos, filmed against a dark backdrop in high-quality 2K or 4K. All were filmed with a great RED GEMINI 5K camera.

5. Light Rain

This Rain and Water VFX stock footage bundle includes 20 computer-generated visuals that look just like real rain. Choose from different rain strengths, wind effects, and starting points. With 5 camera views, they match any scene. Get them in high-quality 2K or 4K formats, all playing at a movie-like speed of 24fps.

6. Water Splashes

Need big water splash effects? Here are 40 real splash videos, and most fit entirely in the view without edges getting cut off. Filmed in sharp 5K at a smooth speed and from two camera angles. Choose from high-quality 2K or 4K. You also get the original, unedited 5K files. All were filmed with a top RED 8K camera.

7. Water Drops On Glass

This bundle has 32 real water drop videos, great for showing light rain, sweat, or tears. Easily add them to any background. They come with an animated matte for enhanced distortion. Choose different water amounts, drop sizes, and focus. Available in sharp 2K or 4K, filmed with a high-quality RED 8K camera.

8. Water Blasts

50 genuine large-scale water blasts and eruptions. The majority of effects are fully visible, without cutting off edges. Filmed in a detailed 5K resolution at 96fps, and features two distinct camera perspectives. Available in both 2K and 4K resolutions rendered in the crisp 10-bit Prores 4444. Additionally, the package includes the untouched 5K .R3D files captured using the RED Weapon Helium 8K camera.

9. Small Water Hits Vol. 1

50 genuine small water impacts, ideal for simulating bullet strikes. Captured in sharp 5K at 96fps and presented from two unique camera viewpoints. Select from 2K or 4K resolutions in the vivid 10-bit Prores 4444. Plus, take advantage of the pristine, unkeyed 5K .R3D files shot on the RED Weapon Helium 8K camera.

10. Small Water Hits Vol. 2

This bundle includes 15 water impact elements, optimized for bullet strike simulations. Filmed in a stunning 5K resolution at 96fps, these elements are available in both 2K and 4K rendered in the crystal-clear 10-bit Prores 4444. Additionally, the package provides the original, unaltered 5K .R3D files straight out of a RED Weapon Helium 8K camera.