As photographers, we all know how hectic and time-consuming it can be to edit photographs in Adobe Lightroom. That’s where Lightroom Presets come in handy, giving your images that professional touch with just a click, saving you significant time in the process.

In this article, we’ll be sharing 100 Free Lightroom Presets that you should download immediately! This list features the best free Lightroom presets across various categories such as Wedding, Portrait, Nature, HDR, Food, and more.

But before we delve into this extensive list, let’s discuss the differences between paid and free Lightroom Presets. Later on, I’ll provide a concise, detailed guide on how to install them.”

Which is Better? Paid or Free Lightroom Presets

As a professional photographer and an avid Lightroom user, I find that both paid and free Adobe Lightroom presets can get the job done. However, the suitability really depends on the type of project you’re tackling.

For commercial photographers, I’d strongly advise against using the free presets. Why? Many of them come without a user license.

Free presets are generally intended for personal use. So, if you’re editing family vacation photos, landscapes, and the like, you’re good to go with the free options.

List of 100 Free Lightroom Presets

Now, let’s explore the collection of 100 free Adobe Lightroom Presets. To simplify your download process, I’ve organized the presets into bundles of 10 for each category listed.

10 Free Lightroom Presets For Wedding Photography

free lightroom presets wedding

Lightroom presets for wedding photography are specifically designed to enhance wedding photos. When applied to an image, these presets help smooth out the skin and accentuate facial features and textures.

Whether you’re aiming to bring vibrancy to lackluster photos, impart a matte film look, amplify the dynamic range, or apply a nuanced effect, this free bundle offers a plethora of exceptional options for you.

10 Lightroom Presets For Portrait Photography

free portrait lightroom presets

This collection of Lightroom presets is tailored for portraits and will enhance them even if you don’t have extensive Lightroom image editing experience. All these portrait presets are available in both .xmp and .lrtemplate formats.

These are among the best Lightroom presets for portraits, and they’re absolutely free. Feel free to download and use them whenever you’d like.

10 Lightroom Presets For Landscape Photography

free lightroom presets landscape

With the 10 Lightroom presets in this pack, you can imbue your landscape photos with stunning cinematic effects. These presets are perfect for outdoor shots, encompassing both landscapes and nature scenes.

The pack offers a diverse array of effects, ensuring you’ll find one that harmonizes beautifully with your photos. With just a single click, you can achieve cinematic effects that elevate your images.

10 Lightroom Presets For HDR Photography

free HDR lightroom presets

FixThePhoto presents a bundle of 10 free HDR presets for Lightroom, perfect for editing real estate, interior, landscape, and portrait photos both quickly and professionally.

Frankly, it’s a challenge to find high-quality Lightroom preset bundles that deliver genuine Wide Dynamic Range results. These adjustments address the balance of lighting, color tones, enhanced saturation, luminosity, and intensity. Together, they craft a professional HDR filter, accentuating the subject of your shot in the most captivating manner.

10 Lightroom Presets For Product Photography

free lightroom presets product

Free Product Lightroom presets can elevate your e-commerce photography, rendering your images bright, clear, and professional. Subject photography is a distinct type of digital photography utilized for online stores and catalogs.

To entice a sale, it’s essential to persuade the consumer that the product is attractive and a must-buy. Every free product photography Lightroom preset from this bundle is designed to enhance your image quality swiftly and effortlessly.

With just one click, you can fine-tune the White Balance, illuminating the photo by eliminating unwanted shadows, boosting brightness, increasing saturation and sharpness, and imparting an HDR effect that draws the viewer’s focus to the minutest details of the subject.

10 Lightroom Presets For Food Photography

free food lightroom presets

Compelling food photos can whet a viewer’s appetite, persuade a restaurant patron to order a dish, and boost sales of food and cooking books online.

However, crafting a high-quality food image demands specific effects and color corrections. These can be achieved using the free food photography Lightroom presets by FixThePhoto. This collection of free presets is sure to appeal to food photographers and bloggers alike.

10 Lightroom Presets For Wildlife & Nature Photography

free lightroom presets wildlife and nature

As a wildlife photographer, I possess an extensive collection of both free and paid Lightroom presets to refine my wildlife images.

These presets enhance photo quality by boosting color saturation and sharpness, which is particularly helpful in accentuating the intricate details in animal photos. My top 10 free presets impart captivating effects to wildlife photographs.

10 Lightroom Presets For Baby Photography

free baby lightroom presets

Download these free Lightroom presets for baby photography to give your baby photos a soft, pastel, and adorable touch in just a few clicks.

While newborn photography is inherently charming and moving, there are times when images of little ones might need some basic editing and color correction to truly shine.

Editing newborn photos in Lightroom is a straightforward path to achieving authentic results. To further streamline this process, consider using the presets provided.

10 Lightroom Presets For Fashion Photography

lightroom presets fashion

Download these free Lightroom fashion presets to elevate your advertising, studio, and fashion photos with just a few clicks. Transform your RAW images to be bright and captivating, showcasing clothing and accessories that appeal to viewers.

This fashion presets will render your images distinct and stylish with minimal effort. They cater to both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

10 Lightroom Presets For Vintage Photography

vintage lightroom presets

Download 10 free vintage presets, courtesy of Presetpro. You’ll be captivated by this outstanding collection of vintage-style presets, complete with frames and light leaks

How To Install Lightroom Presets

Lightroom CC 2019

You can now install Lightroom presets straight from the plus sign under the Presets dialogue when you are in the Develop Module in Lightroom.

Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & CC 2017 Presets For Windows

  • Open Lightroom
  • Go to: Edit • Preferences • Presets
  • Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  • Double-click on Lightroom
  • Double-click on Develop Presets
  • Copy the folder(s) of your presets into the Develop Presets folder
  • Restart Lightroom

Lightroom 4, 5, 6 & CC 2017 Presets For Mac

  • Open Lightroom
  • Go to: Lightroom (Dialogue) • Preferences • Presets
  • Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  • Double-click on Lightroom
  • Double-click on Develop Presets
  • Copy the folder(s) of your presets into the Develop Presets folder
  • Restart Lightroom