Heatwave is our new free After Effects Template that can be used to create intro titles for your project. By default, the template has 7 text holders but can also be increased or decreased.

This Free After Effects Template is very easy when it comes to customization and with very little knowledge of After Effects, anyone can modify the text holders as well as colors and create an exciting and unique title for his/her project.

Take a look at the demo video of Heatwave After Effects Template below.

Heatwave Demo

Watch This Video on YouTube

Use the download button below to download Heatwave free After Effect Templates for Titles.

Download Heatwave After Effects Template – 26 MB

Changing Background Colour

Heatwave Project file includes a dedicated comp for background, where you can manipulate the fractal Noise settings, Tint (color) and the Vignette.

Heatwave Free After Effects Template

The background animation is created with Fractal Noise effect and the 3rd layer in this comp, i.e. Background layer contains this effect. If you wish, you can play around with the settings. But for now, let’s just talk about the color.

The 2nd layer in this comp, named as Background Tint is all you need to change the background color. It has a Tint Effect which is extremely easy to understand.

Click on this layer and go into Effects > Effects Control or use the keyboard shortcut key F3 to open the effects controls settings. Here you will find the TINT EFFECT and default settings are BLACK for MAP BLACK TO and RED for MAP WHITE  TO.

Heatwave Free After Effects Template

Simply change the MAP WHITE TO from RED to any other color. This will change the background color instantly. You can also control the Amount of Tint from here.

Changing Text Color

Each individual text layer in the MAIN COMP has its own Curve effect and you need to update each of them manually.

Heatwave Free After Effects Template

This helps in setting a different color for different text layers. But for those who want to set a common color for all the text layers, simply change one of the Curve Effects, copy and paste it in all the other text layers replacing the previous ones.

I created this After Effects Template while testing few Fractal Noise settings and later decided to give it away for free. The template is meant for experimentation. For those who are new to After Effects, I recommend going through all the different layers and settings. I hope you learn something from this.


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