In this article, our guest author Mack Chris shares 7 tips on hiring the right app design company for your mobile or web app projects.

Hiring the best app design company for a new project can be daunting. However, with the help of the Internet, you can simply do a Google search to find the best app design companies.

With so many companies claiming to make the perfect app for you, who knows which one you should go for?

Technically, you would hire the first app design company you find or the one offering the cheapest rates. But the stake here is that your app is imperfectly designed and could cost much more than you think.

Therefore, you should study all options carefully before making a decision. 

So, if you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you tips on hiring the right app design company from various options.

It also identifies some characteristics of the right company, so you can quickly determine if you’ve found the right one.

1. Know Their Involvement In The Industry

Know Their Involvement In The Industry

It would be best to keep this factor in mind when hiring an app design company. Apps designers who can design apps for specific platforms or use specific technologies can provide a better quality of service and insight.

Likewise, an experienced company means that the organization has confronted and resolved various trials related to the design and development process.

This element enables the company’s design team to handle complex situations and provide the best app design services.

2. Check Their Portfolio 

Check the app design company Portfolio

It is important to ask the potential app design company to show some of the recent projects they completed. This is the best way to find out whether they are a good fit for your project or not. 

Have you seen their portfolio? Are there apps that they designed and developed that can be downloaded? Check reviews and ratings. Beware of companies that don’t have a proven portfolio or apps in the app store.

How long did the project take to deliver? What unexpected challenges were there, and how were they addressed?

You can decide if it is a reliable company that can respond. A professional app design company always tends to have a better project approach. 

Are they energetically partaking in discussions and giving beneficial information? A good company will not only guide you through the design and development process but also provide creative input according to their knowledge of comparable apps.

In addition, you must try to find companies that operate in the same industry as you or that have developed applications that meet your needs.

3. Check Reviews & Client Feedback 

Check Reviews & Client Feedback 

You can discover a lot about a particular company by checking reviews and ratings left by past customers.

Reviews and feedback can tell us how the company communicates with the client during the project, so we can understand how the communication with the client is, how the designing team responds to the changes and problems that may arise during the project, and whether you can trust the team completes tasks on time. 

If you want to learn more about their app’s projects, you can also see what users are saying about the app in the app store where the app is uploaded and read the feedback there.

However, not all reviews are from real users and should be carefully considered.

4. Check They Don’t Mishmash The Interface 

Check They Don’t Mishmash The Interface 

Minimalism is the key to app design. No need to fill the screen with icons, buttons, and images. So only add what your application needs.

Messy design is your worst enemy. The user interface is configurable as follows and asks the company to:

  • Design minimalistic yet attractive content. 
  • Use as few UI elements as possible. 
  • You can extend the functionality with the advanced display feature. 
  • Use high-quality images, but optimize for screen size. 
  • Choose the color strategy wisely.

5. Select The Color Code Mutually 

Select The Color Code Mutually  - Color Blindness

User interface design should be accessible to everyone, including people with color blindness. As per the research, about 4.5% of the world’s population suffers from color blindness. Therefore, you should design your app with these users in mind.

People with pink eye or red eyes have difficulty distinguishing between red and green primary colors. You can use icons and stickers to improve communication.

6. Are They Designing Functional Yet User-Friendly Apps? 

Are They Designing Functional Yet User-Friendly Apps? 

Efficient functionality is one of the most important things in web and mobile apps. Users get frustrated when they can’t reliably do what they’re supposed to do.

It’s also not very useful if it’s not spontaneous or complex for users to understand. 

A good app understands its purpose, doesn’t overdo anything on it, and meets user expectations. New users can deploy and get started intuitively and easily.

Simplicity is key. Users don’t have time to read through a lot of documentation to understand how the product works.

Instead, they want simple applications that allow them to achieve their goals with a slight experience curve.

7. Are They Designing Trusted Apps? 

Are They Designing Trusted Apps? 

Most app users are mindful of data security concerns and want to keep their data safe. Therefore, you should ensure that your user data is secure.

Users simply uninstall untrusted applications. There are different approaches depending on the type of data your application collects.

Application security is a very complex topic, but don’t be discouraged. Ask your app design company to develop an app that is trusted and keeps the users’ data secure.

There is a wealth of information you can find online. Breaking the process down into steps makes it easier to understand.


Now that you have an overview of the app design company, you are another foot closer to designing your ideal application.

Whether you hire a mobile and web app design agency or take a do-it-yourself approach to develop your app, getting involved in the exciting world of mobile app design has never been easier. 

Article By Guest Author Mack Chris

Mack Chris is an SEO specialist with more than 5 years of experience in promoting and marketing brands in the digital world. He has specifically worked with an ‘app design company’, allowing him to understand UI/UX elements. Mark loves to read and share his digital marketing experience with the rest of the community. In his spare time, he enjoys drawing, sketching, playing football, and swimming.