Master the art of photo sharpening with our comprehensive guide featuring the top 5 ways to bring out stunning detail in your images.

Sharpening images can help to increase the image’s overall clarity and quality. Several things, including camera shake, improper shutter speed selection, and unprofessional camera handling, can result in blurry images.

Such an image can be fixed, but how? Read on to find out how to sharpen blurry photos.

We’re going to use PhotoWorks as this photo editor offers various features for fixing this defect. Besides, this is AI-run software, which means you will spend less time editing.

After all, it comes with other options for image enhancement, and you can easily make your pictures look better.

Tricks To Fix Blurry Photos

There are numerous tools in PhotoWorks for image sharpening. We’ll briefly describe the top 5 of them, so you’ll be able to choose the tool based on what you need to improve and the outcome you want – fix the entire image or specific regions. 

1. The Sharpness Tool

The Sharpness Tool

The PhotoWork’s Sharpness tool can fix most blurry images. Users can modify the degree of sharpness in an image using a tool found in photo editing software.

It works by boosting the contrast around the edges of the picture, which improves how clear the image appears to be.

2. The Clarity Tool

The Clarity Tool

There is one more tool that can help you make a photo less blurry. Clarity is used to increase the mid-tone contrast over the entire image. On the other hand, sharpness is used to draw attention to the borders of related areas.

While editing portraits, users can use this tool to enhance the details in the eyes and lips and reduce the clarity of the skin.

3. The Adjustment Brush

The Adjustment Brush

Consider using the Adjustment Brush for local sharpening. You can use it to draw attention to a specific subject in your photograph.

Users can improve the overall quality and clarity of an image while preventing over-sharpening and other undesirable effects using the Adjustment Brush. To achieve the required level of sharpness and detail in a shot, users can use the Adjustment Brush alone or in conjunction with other tools like the Sharpness tool and the Clarity tool.

4. The Radial Filter

The Radial Filter

If you want to know how to fix blurry pictures and make them look artistic, try the Radial filter. With the use of the tool, you can make several vignetted, off-center areas to draw attention to particular areas of a photograph.

Users can choose to selectively sharpen particular elements of the image by drawing an elliptical region around the subject and selecting to boost the sharpness of the portions inside the chosen mask. When a photograph’s background or other components could potentially distract the viewer from the main subject, the Radial Filter tool can be helpful.

Users can improve the overall quality and clarity of the image by highlighting the focus point with the Radial Filter tool

5. The Graduated Filter

The Graduated Filter

Fix specific areas of your image with the Graduated Filter to make them more detailed. Views of the city or the landscape can be changed using this tool.

It lets users apply selective modifications that only affect a certain area of the image. With the use of the Graduated filter, you can selectively sharpen particular areas of a photo to produce images that are more focused and detailed.

Final Words

Now you know how to make a picture less blurry using 5 different tools. You just need to choose the tool that you like best and that meets your requirements, and then improve your photos. Or try each feature, we are sure you will love it!

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