Now you can also become Iron Man and there is no need to be a genius for that.

All you need is some basic knowledge of Photoshop or After Effects and our Iron Man HUD Template.

With this free Iron Man HUD Template, You can transform yourself or your friends into Iron Man and that too in just minutes.

You can check out an image below, where i used the template and amazed my friend by transforming him into Iron Man.

This Template is basically a PNG image with all the interface and display’s build into it along with partial transparency.

So, all you have to do is take a portrait of yourself or your friend, do some masking of the face and place this PNG template on top and it’s done.

Isn’t it really simple?

Iron Man HUD Template


How To Use The Iron Man HUD Template

To create a very Cool Iron Man Hud Photograph.

Create a new composition and it import the Iron Man HUD Template as well as a portrait photograph which you want to use with this template.

Make sure you place the Portrait beneath the Iron Man HUD Template.


Adjust the Face Layer by rotating it and scaling it a bit, make sure the right eye coincides with the eye piece of the HUD.


Now, create a mask around the face since we only need the center of the face and not the background.

To do that, use the Pen tool and create a mask on the Face layer as i have created in the image below.

Make sure you create the mask on the face layer only and not on the Template layer.


Now Click on the face layer to select it and press F on your keyboard, this will bring out the Mask Feather options, Feather out the mask a bit to remove the sharp edges.


Now, we have to create a black background, to that that, go into Layer > New > Solid and create a black solid, make sure it is comp size and place the black solid layer beneath all the other layers and shown below.

It will create a black background in your image.


You can also do some basic color correction on the face layer, Go to Effect > Color Correction > Curves, Add the curves adjustment and adjust it according to your own taste.

You can also use the Hue/Saturation filter to saturate and de-saturate the face layer.

Again go into Effect > Color Correction > Hue/Saturation and adjust the Master Saturation accordingly.


Now we have our final image, you can experiment yourself till you are fully satisfied with your work and then Render it out.