The most common question people usually asks me is ‘Hey, from which Motion Graphics or Film institute or college you have learned all these stuff’. And the most common response I normally devote to such people is ‘Dude, My dwelling house is my classroom and Internet is my teacher’. And, few of them seem pretty amazed to hear such answer from me, since we Indians were taught from childhood, that to learn something, you have to join certain course in a particular college or Institution, and the amount of time we spend on the theoretical part of any task is much greater than the time spend performing it practically.

Think of yourself, do you actually necessitate a college or a teacher to find out or learn something? I don’t want to say that going to a college does not serve you in any sense, it helps you a great deal. Possibly you start out in a group of people who holds the same interest as you do.

A College can help you socialize with people, teaches you team work, I do recommend getting into a college if you want to work as a professional, since it is the best possible way to generate contacts. What I am attempting to communicate through his article is, college or an institution is secondary. Your involvement and your passion to discover something is actually the main ingredient or so called Primary factor.

How do I Learn Motion Graphics

So, how do I Learn Motion Graphics. As already said, ‘My house is my classroom and Internet is my teacher’.  I never went to any Art Institute of College to lean Motion Graphics. It all commenced with a YouTube Video, I saw an awesome video where a truck runs over a guy. At the beginning I had no estimate how that thing was made, After reading the description of that video, I came to recognize that two frames were composited together to make it appear as if it was one.

Learn Motion GraphicsAfter doing some more research, I found out the amazing software which was used to create that video and it was the time when I first got to know about Motion Graphics or Visual Effects or VFX in short.

That software was none other than the one, today this blog is devoted to ‘Adobe After Effects’. The foremost thing I did was searching more about Motion Graphics and came to know about many colleges that really teaches you such skills, but first I resolved to beat my hands on the software. So, I downloaded it, set up and the first time I played it, my mind went wild. Tons of choices, lots of buttons, lots of settings. At first I believed it is not my piece of cake.

But before giving up, I knew I had one most powerful tool in my hands, which can help me learn a bit about After Effects, ‘World Wide Web or so called The Internet’ I started experimenting with the software, I started off with the basics of After Effects such as creating a composition, importing videos, timelines, rendering all sorts of lower level things.

After spending nearly an entire day, I eventually produced my first Visual Effects shot where I made my body double sitting with my on a table. Though it was a very basic effect, yet it was amazing for me since it was a result of my hard work.

So, day by day, After Effects became by hobby and eventually became a passion. I began daydreaming of being a Visual Effects Supervisor one day. My acquaintances and relatives recommended going into a Motion Graphics school, but I decided not to and kept on finding out new techniques every day myself. I explored thousands of Web sites where I found many helpful tutorial, but one website turned out to me my favorite, ‘’ is a great place to learn Motion Graphics, All sorts of basic as well as advance tutorials can be found on the website, and the way Andrew Kramer, Author of VideoCopilot, narrates his tutorials is just incredible. They are also the creators of many great After Effects plugins that you can actually use to enhance your creativity.

Check out the Teaser of Flying Slayer’s, helped me a lot creating such great contents like this.

Again, back to the point, I always used the Internet to learn each and everything I know today, especially in Motion Graphics, After working and producing so many projects, now I am planning to opt for advance Adobe After Effects course in some college, since I believe ill get a platform, an environment where I can work with people like me but moreover, the resources such as the High Performance Workstations which I am lacking today.

Recently i am done with a Project, called ‘The Shadow – A Game of Death’. It a short horror film i created along with my friends. There are many Visual Effects shots in the film which are really breath taking.

Before ending this article, for all those who wants to pursue their career in this field, I recommend, start learning from online tutorials, devote almost 6 months time period or maybe a year as you will ascertain whether you really want to be a Visual Effects artist or it was merely a temporary hobby. Try experimenting with After Effects, the things you will learn yourself will always be there with you. Remember, acquiring knowledge is Primary, rest everything is Secondary.


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