Accessible and Engaging Videos Made Easy – Discover the Top 5 After Effects Plugins for Subtitles and Captions – Boost Your Video Production.

Videos are an integral part of communication, entertainment, and marketing strategies. However, due to reasons such as hearing impairments and language barriers, not all viewers can completely understand or engage with your videos.

This is where SUBTITLES and CAPTIONS play an important role. They make your videos accessible and easy to understand for a wider audience.

What Are Subtitles & Captions?

In easy words, subtitles and captions are textual translations/transcriptions of the audio in a video.

The only difference between the two is that the subtitles simply provide a translation of the spoken audio, while captions also include other audio elements such as sound effects, music titles, and information about the speaker.

They are both widely used in movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, online course videos, and more.

According to recent statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 20% of the global population (over 1.5 billion people) live with hearing loss. Additionally, millions of non-English speakers rely on subtitles and captions to understand videos.

Therefore, subtitles and captions have now become a standard requirement for many content creators and businesses. The process of creating and adding subtitles and captions to the videos is usually done during post-processing.

Those who use Adobe Premiere Pro can benefit from its in-built subtitle and captioning tool however, Adobe After Effects does not come with such a tool or feature.

This is where the After Effects plugins for subtitles and captions come in. They offer a quick and easy way for creating and adding subtitles and captions in Adobe After Effects.

After Effects Plugins For Subtitles And Captions

After Effects subtitle and caption plugins are third-party extensions that provide new tools and features to automate the process of creating subtitles and captions.

Whether you are a video editor, motion graphics artist, content creator, or marketer, these plugins can be valuable additions to your After Effects toolkit.

Below, we’ve listed the top 5 After Effects plugins for subtitles and captions to simplify the process of subtitling and captioning. These plugins offer many different options to customize and enhance your subtitles and captions in After Effects.

1. SF-Subtitles

SF Subtitles is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin that makes it quick and simple to create and add subtitles and captions in Adobe After Effects. With SF Subtitles, you can easily create and style your subtitles, animate them with keyframes, and even control their timing and placement in your composition.

SF-Subtitles is designed to be easy to use, even for users who are new to After Effects. The plugin has a user-friendly interface and clear instructions, making it simple to create and style your subtitles and captions.

It offers a quick and easy way to adjust the timing of the subtitles and captions in the timeline to sync them with the audio. Moreover, you can edit the created subtitles at the click of a button

These features make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to add professional-quality subtitles to their After Effects projects. Take a look at this video to learn how to use SF-Subtitles.

Price: $28

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects version CC or later

2. Quick Subtitles V3.0

Quick Subtitles V3.0 is another After Effects plugin that automates the process of creating subtitles and captions.

It comes with an intuitive UI that makes it easy to use for both beginners and experienced AE users. You can directly import an SRT subtitle file into the plugin, and then quickly drop markers where and when you want the subtitles to appear.

Quick Subtitles V3.0 User Interface - After Effects Plugins For Subtitles and Captions

Quick Subtitles V3.0 offers many customization options as well. You can easily adjust the font style, size, color, line width, and background.

Once you drop the markers and sync the subtitles and captions to your videos, simply click on the Export button to create an SRT file. You can then upload the file as Closed Captions on YouTube.

It is an essential After Effects plugin for video editors, content creators, or anyone looking to create and add subtitles and captions to their videos in Adobe After Effects.

Price: $28

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects version CC 2017 or later

3. Subtitles Toolbar

With Subtitles Toolbar, you can add and animate subtitles and captions easily and quickly. It comes with 20 different text animations that can be applied at the click of a button.

You can generate the subtitles and captions in 3 different ways:

  1. Manual: Copy and paste the text into the plugin text editor. Playback the video and listen to the audio, then simply press a button to insert the text in place.
  2. Interval: With this option, you can set a time span to insert all the subtitles and captions at once. Then manually adjust the text marker’s position to sync the text with the audio playback.
  3. Import SRT: If you have an SRT file for your videos, then simply use this option to import the subtitles and captions.

Once the subtitles and captions are created, you can animate them by choosing one of the 20 available animation styles.

Subtitles Toolbar 20 Animation Presets

The animation properties, such as speed, background, size, color, and opacity can also be adjusted. You can also export an SRT file for YouTube CC and other video platforms.

Price: $28

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects version CC 2018 or later

4. Subtitle Pro

Subtitle Pro is a plugin that allows you to create subtitles and captions for your videos in Adobe After Effects as well as Premiere Pro. This plugin offers automated subtitle generation, making it easy to import SRT files or write your text.

With one-click translation and time synchronization, creating accurate subtitles is a breeze. But Subtitle Pro goes beyond simple text. It also offers animated subtitle options for visually engaging subtitles and captions.

The plugin is also capable of translating sentences without any third-party tools like Google Translate. With markers, you can easily customize the subtitles and make adjustments.

Subtitles Pro - After Effects Plugins For Subtitles and Captions

Exporting subtitles and captions is also simple. Subtitles Pro supports all popular formats such as SRT, SUB, VTT, SSA, and many more.

In addition to creating subtitles and captions, Subtitles Pro also allows you to create callouts and lower thirds. This makes it a fast, easy, and multi-purpose solution for making your videos more accessible and engaging to viewers.

Price: $49.99

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects version CC 2019 or later.

5. Easy Subtitle

Easy Subtitle consists of an After Effects template and a plugin that lets you easily add subtitles and captions to your videos.

Simply import a text file or write manually inside the included text editor, then click on the Create button. The plugin will automatically create a new layer with makers that can be adjusted to sync the subtitles and captions to the video.

You can also adjust the position, color, fonts, and size of the subtitles and captions. The included text animation styles let you animate the subtitles in and out for an engaging viewer experience.

Easy Subtitles comes with a simple user interface that makes it the easiest and fastest way to add subtitles in Adobe After Effects.

Price: $23

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects version CC 2021 or later.