Gone are the days of simple cuts from one scene to the next. With Premiere Pro, you’ve got lots of fancy options like glitches and zooms, all designed for vertical videos that fit perfectly on your phone screen.

The good news? You don’t have to be a pro to make these yourself.

There are tons of ready-made Premiere Pro templates out there, especially for vertical videos, which are just right for Instagram or Facebook stories. But with so many choices, it can be tough to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and picked out the top 10 vertical transition templates for Premiere Pro. These are the ones everyone loves and uses in their projects.

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1. Liquid Vertical Transitions

Liquid Vertical Transitions bring creativity to your vertical videos for social media stories. Imagine your scenes flowing like water from one to the next, making your content stand out. Perfect for creators looking to add a fluid, dynamic look to their stories. These transitions are easy to use, making your editing process as smooth as water.

2. 120 Overlay Vertical Transitions

120 Overlay Vertical Transitions pack offers various effects to enhance your vertical social media stories. This pack has everything you need to make your stories pop, from light leaks to sparkles. Easy to apply, these overlays add texture and depth, making your videos more engaging.

3. Abstract Colorful Vertical Transitions

Abstract Colorful Vertical Transitions add a burst of color and creativity to your vertical videos. These transitions are designed to seamlessly blend your clips with vibrant, abstract shapes and colors, making each swipe an eye-catching experience. Ideal for storytellers aiming to captivate their audience with mesmerizing visuals.

4. 110 Vertical Glitch Transitions Pack

The 110 Vertical Glitch Transitions Pack brings a modern, edgy look to your vertical videos on social media. With a variety of glitch effects, from subtle digital distortions to full-on sci-fi glitches, this pack adds excitement and a cutting-edge vibe to your content.

5. Vertical Hand-Drawn Transitions

Add a personal touch to your videos with the Vertical Hand-Drawn Transitions. These charming, animated effects seamlessly connect your vertical story clips with a warmth that only hand-drawn elements can provide. Ideal for creators looking for a friendly, engaging, and unique style for their social media stories.

6. Reels & Stories Transitions

Designed specifically for Instagram reels and stories, this vertical transitions template for Premiere Pro makes your vertical videos seamlessly engaging. With a variety of sleek, stylish transitions, this pack is perfect for creators aiming to keep their audience engaged from beginning to end.

7. Vertical Multiscreen Transitions

Take your vertical videos to the next level with Vertical Multiscreen Transitions. This innovative pack allows you to create dynamic multiscreen effects, perfect for showing multiple angles or stories simultaneously. Ideal for social media creators looking to showcase their creativity and engage their audience with compelling visuals.

8. Vertical VHS Transitions

Bring a nostalgic touch to your vertical videos with the vertical VHS Transitions. This pack recreates the classic look of VHS tapes, adding a retro vibe to your social media stories. Perfect for creators wanting to blend modern content with vintage flair.

9. Vertical Vintage Slide Transitions

Vertical Vintage Slide Transitions pack offers a timeless charm to your social media stories. Inspired by old-school slide projectors, these transitions give your videos a warm, nostalgic feel, as if flipping through a cherished photo album.

10. Vertical Film Burn Transitions

Add cinematic flair to your vertical videos with Vertical Film Burn Transitions. These transitions mimic the organic look of film burning, offering a dramatic and eye-catching effect for your social media stories. Ideal for creators aiming to give their content a Hollywood-like quality.