Creating seamless graphics has never been easier with these top 5 design apps for graphic designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Today, people can choose from various design tools, including mobile devices and open-source platforms. Design software is no longer restricted to desktops with PC or Mac operating systems (OS).

Now, many mobile apps run on iOS and Android. Other creative tools also function seamlessly with Chrome and Linux OS. 

Students, designers, entrepreneurs, influencers, marketers, etc., can create projects, marketing materials, signages, memes, or graphics they need to suit their purpose. However, with the vast options, it can be challenging to pick a design app.

This list includes the best design apps with user-friendly interfaces and easy learning curves for creating seamless graphics. 

1. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

When it comes to creating graphics, every professional knows that Adobe Illustrator is the granddaddy of them all. This brand sets that benchmark for professionally designed graphics, logos, icons, artwork, infographics, etc.

Artists can do free hand sketching or choose a vector image that can be scaled in size. Instead of relying on pixels, this tool uses mathematical formulas for more precision and accuracy.

This is perfect for design professionals and art students, but it comes with a steep price. Students with a limited budget can opt for a 7-day free trial, but they need to provide their credit card info.

Access to a creative cloud Very expensive
Extensive library with over 90 million icons and imagesHigh learning curve
Access to vector design toolsEats up a lot of memory

2. Canva


Everyone from students to professionals loves Canva! It can ease your design workflow and make it super easy to create professional designs.

This comprehensive creative tool is for creating different projects like posters, web pages, invitations, brochures, infographics, and more.

It relies on an easy drag-and-drop interface, so even elementary school kids with no graphic design experience find it easy to use. People can use this with a desktop or work on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 

More importantly, Canva works for different industries because of a vast collection of fonts, images, backgrounds, and templates.

Customization is also an option, so marketers who want to promote their brands on social media or offline can readily make materials. There’s an option for social media integration and collaboration tools for sharing project folders with others in real time. 

No learning curveLimited free stuff
Kid-friendlyInvest in in-app purchases
Free optionCan’t edit downloads

3. Pixlr


Those in need of an affordable image editing app will love Pixlr. It comes with a free version that comes with tolerable advertisements.

Those who want to ditch the ads can pay a small fee. This web-based app works on desktops and comes with mobile apps for Android and iOS. 

Pixlr is perfect for simple design apps because it is a basic program that fits newbies, students, and hobbyists.

Those with minimal design experience find this tool comfortable with its drag-and-drop interface, many templates, and a decent library of fonts and creative embellishments.

Pixlr makes it easy for users to design social media content with templates for Pinterest pins, LinkedIn posts, Facebook event covers, etc. 

Super pocket-friendlyA limited number of templates
Seamless social media integrationDoesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles
Easy to useLimited customization features. 

4. Sketch


As its name suggests, Sketch is for people with a hand in designing from scratch with their sketches. However, it is also an effective editor for those who have existing images.

The Sketch is an exclusive Mac vector editing tool for helping pros customize their projects. Users can efficiently manage their workflows with a customizable and uncluttered interface that leaves no room for distractions. 

One of this tool’s best features includes guest collaboration so that users can create temporary access to others for extra input on a particular project.

Those who wish to try Sketch can take advantage of the free 30-day trial. There’s a big community of Sketch users, so those who need questions answered can find guidance there. 

Fun to useExclusive to Mac
Excellent plug-insQuite pricey
Strong community supportOnly one install 

5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer

Those with an affinity for design will love this tool.

Even novice artists or individuals looking to create fun projects will enjoy Affinity Designer because of its highly intuitive user interface.

Many say this is the much cheaper cousin of Adobe Illustrator, with a one-time purchase fee that opens all the app’s features, including future updates. But despite the affordable price, it doesn’t compromise functionality. 

This tool comes with an excellent creative suite of tools that are easy to apply because it supports various formats.

It has stellar zoom features and a comprehensive version history, making seamless workflow when editing. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, this tool won’t take up a lot of hardware resources.

Limitless artboardsWorks on desktop and iPad only
Excellent customer supportNo cloud services are available 
No compatibility issues with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop filesLacks several advanced features

Final Thoughts

This is a partial list of the best graphic design apps today, with other options. Everything boils down to needs because an amateur graphic design student will have vastly different goals from an experienced digital artist with many clients.

Choosing the best tool can help harness talent by providing intuitive controls and tabs that the artist can understand and manipulate. 

An artist should get hands-on experience with any tool for the best results.

Experimenting and playing around with the design software to see its features and performance could help someone make the crucial choice.

Fortunately, many paid graphic tools have free trials that potential buyers could take advantage of to help them understand the nuances of the product so artists can create spectacular custom designs with ease.