Amortype is a free After Effects text animation preset to create damped animations letter by letter. It is compatible with Adobe After Effects CS3 and all the above versions.

It is available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution, which means you are free to download and use the preset in both personal and commercial projects.

To use the preset, first, download the preset from or use the download button below.

Then copy and paste the Amortype script into the presets folder of your After Effects installation. Restart After Effects and create a new text layer. Type in your text, then drag and drop the preset from the Effects panel to apply the animations.

Some core features of Amortype Free After Effects Text Animation Preset are:

  • Intro animation based on the layer In Point
  • All animations can be modified easily
  • No keyframe is required
  • New: Outro animation based on the layer Out point
  • New: random color effect on each letter (optional)
  • New: random timing (optional)
  • Works with After Effects CS3 and all the above versions.

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