It is a project file for Adobe After Effects that gives you the power to animate any font in a few simple steps.

TYPE-O-MATIC offers three different ways for creating easy, quick, and customizable type animation – The Controller, Masked, and Unfold.

  1. The Controller: By animating the solid Controller_xx in the “Controller_xx” composition, all solid’s transformation properties are applied to all characters in the “alphabet” composition.
  2. Masked: By creating animation in the composition “modify_this_Mask” you’ll be creating a mask animation applied to all characters in the “alphabet” composition.
  3. Unfold: Moving the keyframe in the “alphabet” composition you’ll be modifying the unfold type velocity.

How To Use TYPE-O-MATIC Free Text Animation Tool For After Effects

  1. Download the project file from the Type-O-Matic official website.
  2. Import the controller.aep, masked.aep or unfold.aep to the library.
  3. Open change_font_HERE! composition, select all layers and choose a font.
  4. Open alphabet composition, select and copy the letters you need to form a word.
  5. Create a new composition, paste, and composite the letters.
  6. Render scene

Sample Text Animations

1. Peanuts – The Controller

2. Cars – The Controller

3. Geometry – Masked

4. Chyron – Masked

5. Rock & Roll – Unfold

6. Coffee – Unfold

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