Ever watched a blockbuster movie and been left in awe of the seamless special effects? Or viewed a commercial where a text or object follows the motion of a character flawlessly?

The magic behind these visuals often lies in motion tracking. While Adobe After Effects offers some robust built-in tools for this purpose, the true power comes to light when you harness the capabilities of third-party motion tracking plugins.

In this listicle, we’ve curated the top 5 motion tracking plugins for After Effects that you absolutely need to know about.

1. Boris FX Mocha Pro

Boris FX Mocha Pro

Known as one of the leading motion tracking and visual effects tools in the industry, Boris FX Mocha Pro has taken its place in the toolkits of countless post-production professionals. As we gear up for 2024, it remains a standout choice in the world of motion-tracking plugins.

Mocha Pro offers a unique planar tracking algorithm that enables users to achieve robust and accurate tracks even in the most challenging footage where traditional trackers might fail. This system effortlessly handles shots with motion blur, shallow depth of field, and even obscured moving objects.

Beyond its impressive motion-tracking capabilities, Mocha Pro also features rotoscoping, object removal, stabilization, and lens calibration tools. Its ability to generate masks with edge-snapping precision reduces the need for manual keyframing, saving hours of work.

Integration-wise, Mocha Pro seamlessly blends into any post-production pipeline. It supports a vast range of host applications including Adobe After Effects.

The consistent updates and new features introduced by Boris FX ensure that Mocha Pro stays on the cutting edge, always ready to tackle evolving challenges in the world of visual effects.

For those looking for a reliable and versatile motion tracking tool, Boris FX Mocha Pro remains a top-tier choice, making it a deserving inclusion in the list of the best motion tracking plugins for After Effects.

2. Lockdown


Lockdown is a plugin for After Effects that provides advanced motion tracking capabilities. The main purpose of Lockdown is to “lock” a texture or pattern to a specific region of your footage, even if that region is moving, warping, or deforming.

This makes it highly useful for tasks like tattoo removal, object replacement, or any other visual effects work where you need to stick a texture to a moving/deforming surface.

Lockdown simplifies tasks that would otherwise be incredibly challenging or time-consuming with traditional motion tracking methods.

For example, instead of tracking individual points and then trying to warp or mesh a texture onto a surface, Lockdown allows you to paint a region of interest and then effectively “stick” your desired texture or pattern onto that region.

3. KeenTools GeoTracker

KeenTools GeoTracker

This motion tracking plugin for After Effects brings groundbreaking 3D-object tracking capabilities, making complex match-moving tasks a breeze. Even a VFX artist with zero motion tracking skills can effortlessly achieve professional results.

A standout feature is the intuitive model manipulation. The unique pin-based approach ensures you can move and place 3D models with pinpoint precision right within the standard 2D viewport, eliminating the need for additional windows or gizmos.

But what about the nitty-gritty details like camera settings? GeoTracker’s focal length estimation and tracking come to the rescue. Even if you don’t have the exact camera settings, GeoTracker can estimate and even track changing focal lengths – comes in handy when dealing with zoom lens footage.

One of the trickiest parts of 3D tracking is managing occlusions. GeoTracker handles this seamlessly, often negating the need to adjust the track. However, for advanced scenarios, there’s support for 2D masks to exclude problematic tracking areas.

GeoTracker feels like it’s been a part of After Effects from the get-go. The interface is so intuitive and familiar that you won’t feel the burden of learning a new tool. It truly embodies the ethos of being a seamless and top-notch motion tracking plugin for After Effects.

4. King Pin Tracker By Red Giant

King Pin Tracker By Red Giant

Red Giant’s King Pin Tracker offers unparalleled accuracy and flexibility to provide a superior motion tracking experience in After Effects.

Unlike standard motion tracking tools, King Pin Tracker stands out with its ability to pin objects with precision in any part of the footage. This means, that whether you’re replacing signs, adding graphics to moving objects, or undertaking any other complex visual task, King Pin offers a reliable solution.

Thanks to its advanced planar tracking algorithm, this motion tracking plugin performs well even in footage with low lights and minimum details. The intuitive interface and real-time previews ensure a hassle-free experience, even for those who are relatively new to After Effects.

In a sea of motion tracking plugins for After Effects, Red Giant’s King Pin Tracker has established itself as a top-tier Motion Tracking Plugin for After Effects. It’s an investment worth making.

5. Blace


Blace is a motion tracking plugin for After Effects designed for automatic face detection, tracking, and blurring. It’s particularly useful when you want to anonymize people in a video, such as for privacy reasons in public footage.

What sets Blace apart is its robust face detection algorithm. Instead of manually setting masks or applying effects frame by frame, you can rely on Blace to quickly identify and blur all faces in a scene.

This not only saves significant post-production time but also ensures consistent results, minimizing the risk of overlooking an individual’s face.

Whether you’re working on documentary footage, public scenes, or any content where preserving identity is crucial, this plugin is a game-changer.

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