Download HitFilm 4 Express Video Editing Software for Free

21st century filmmaking requires you to be an editor, VFX artist and colorist at the same time. HitFilm 4 Express gives you a head start, merging professional 3D compositing and over 122 effects with its editing tools.

HitFilm is designed for speed. On fast machines you enjoy real time playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU-acceleration, even when jumping between your edit and visual effects shots. More complex shots get proxied in the background while you keep working.

Hitfilm express 4 cover

A high end desktop will make HitFilm fly but mainstream notebooks and family computers are just fine. You don’t need a supercomputer to be a filmmaker.

With HitFilm 4 Express, you can edit videos, composite visual effects elements, edit audio and can do much more. To view the entire list of Technical Specifications, click here.

How to download HitFilm 4 Express for Free

  1. Click on the download button below to visit HitFilm 4 Express download page.
    Download HitFilm 4 Express
  2. You will be asked to share the download with others on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit. Use any social networking to share the download.
    HitFilm 4 Express
  3. Sharing the download will unlock a signup form. Enter your name, email and password to create a HitFilm account. Then select an appropriate option for ‘What would you like to make with HitFilm‘.
    HitFilm 4 Express
  4. Click on ‘SEND ME THE DOWNLOAD‘ button to receive the download link in your E-mail inbox.
  5. Open your email account and check for an email from HitFilm. Inside you will find ‘DOWNLOAD HIT FILM 4 EXPRESS‘ button. Click on it.
    HitFilm 4 Express
  6. You will be taken to the installer page from where you can download HitFilm 4 Express for Windows or Mac.

How to Install HitFilm 4 Express

  1. After you download the installer for your corresponding operating system, run the HitFilm 4 Express installer file by double clicking on its file icon (this requires administrator privileges on your computer). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Launch HitFilm 4 Express. When asked to activate sign in with the email address and password you provided when requesting a free copy of HitFilm 4 Express.
  3. HitFilm 4 Express is now ready for you to use. It’s yours to keep forever!

The Time Saving Method

Simply sign-up for a free HitFilm account and use the download buttons below to download the installer for your operating system.


HitFilm 4 Express is compatible with Mac OSX 10.8+ and Windows 7+ 64-bit.