There are many ways you can earn money using your motion design and Adobe After Effects skills. Go online or offline, It’s up to you!

As an Adobe Professional, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics artist, your job is to deliver high-quality content to your clients as fast as you can and in the shortest time possible.

We all need money for our daily needs and with your After Effects Templates and Skills, you as a Motion Graphics Artist can earn money online as well as offline.

There are various ways by which you can earn money with your After Effects skills. Working as a freelance is the hardest of all but it guarantees you a decent amount of money.

Other ways are selling After Effects Templates on online Marketplace like Videohive, Envato Elements, and Motion Elements, Taking Workshops, creating and selling stock footage and images, Creating a tutorial website and monetizing it with advertisements, working in a Studio, etc.

But, before you earn money online or offline, you have to earn a reputation.

Your client should be fully aware of your skills, and knowledge and it’s your job to let them know that you are the one who can animate their logo, create an advertisement, or do any sort of Motion Graphics work.

Promoting Yourself To Build A Healthy Reputation

You can earn a reputation by promoting yourself, your work, and your skills. Before we jump into the money section, let’s take a look at a few points you could adopt to promote yourself as an Adobe Professional and Motion Graphics Artist.

Create A Showreel

Earn money with After Effects Showreel

The first major step in promoting yourself is to get your best work in place and create a Showreel. A Showreel is a video that acts as your resume when a client wants to hire you.

Generally, you send the showreel to your client or show them in person so that he/she can decide whether you are up to their expectation or not. Make sure you only keep your best work in the showreel.

Keep it short and simple, and include breakdown videos as well. Don’t stick to a single showreel, instead, create multiple different types of showreels and decide which one to show to a specific client according to his/her needs.

Get Yourself A Website

Earn money with Portfolio Website

A Website is a great way to promote yourself online since there is a large community of people who are searching for artists online.

Contact an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert and ask him/her to optimize your website for search engines and local search queries so that the people searching for a Motion Graphics artist near you can find your website.

Create a portfolio page on your website and upload your best work. Every client wants to see your work before he/she contacts you.

Add a contact page on your website, mention your phone number, and email address and if possible, add a contact form too.

Sign up for the Google Adwords program so that your website can be visible to the people searching for an artist at the top of Google Results. Also, add your website link to your Email Signature.

Create A Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page

These days, a Facebook fan page is the best way to promote yourself.

Create a fan page as an artist and ask your friends and contacts to like it. You can promote your fan page by creating an advert too. Add your Facebook page link on your website and also include it in your email signature.

Advertise In The Local Newspaper


Your local newspaper is the best way to attract clients. Let them know about your presence in the city.

It is the best method to promote yourself as your target audience will be the local people, organizations, companies, and brands. They will surely contact you if they want a project to be done.

Apart from all the above promotional methods, make sure you get a business card.

Now You Gained Some Reputation, It’s Time To Earn Some Money

The following are some of the proven ways of getting started and earning some money out of your After Effects skills.

1. Work As A Freelancer

Working as a freelancer will give you lots of opportunities to build a profile, meet with new people, learn something new every day, and test your skills. A freelancer is an individual who works all by himself.

Now, working as a freelance can be both Online and Offline. There are websites like, Fiverr, Airtasker, and a few others as well where you can sign up and complete projects for people who advertise there.

Working offline includes working for local people, organizations, colleges, etc. There is a decent amount of money in working freelance and you don’t need to share the profits with anyone else.

You can work from wherever and whenever you want.

2. Create And Sell After Effects Templates Online

Around Thousands of people are searching for After Effects Templates online every day and there are online marketplaces where you can sell your After Effects Templates and make some real money.

By uploading your templates on such websites, it is possible enough that someone will buy your template. Make sure your Templates are well organized for others to understand and include all the stock images and videos that are required to run your template.

The money you earn by selling the templates will be transferred to your PayPal account from where you can then transfer it into your bank account.

Check-out: How To Create After Effects Templates For VideoHive Marketplace

3. Create YouTube Tutorials

Starting your own YouTube channel. Share your knowledge by creating tutorials on After Effects.

You’ll earn through ads, sponsorships, and maybe even affiliate marketing. Plus, it’s a great way to build a community around your skills.

4. Work With Video Production Companies

Collaborating with video production companies is another fantastic avenue. They’re always on the lookout for skilled After Effects artists for projects like commercials and music videos.

This is a great way to get involved in bigger projects and expand your network.

5. Social Media Content Creation

Create content for social media. Businesses and influencers need engaging video content that stands out.

This is where your After Effects skills come into play, making you an invaluable asset in the social media world.

6. Create Corporate Presentations & Explainer Videos

Companies are always in need of high-quality explainer videos and presentations. This is your chance to blend creativity with corporate messaging to create impactful content.

7. Create Online Courses And Workshops

People interested in Motion Graphics search for online After Effects Tutorials. If you have the knowledge, share it. If you create unique and quality tutorials, you will earn a lot of money.

Alternatively, organizing a Workshop is a very good method to earn money offline. Believe it or not, people are interested in attending workshops where they can learn the basics of something, in your case, it’s Motion Graphics/Visual Effects.

Organize a 45-60 day workshop, and teach basics and intermediate techniques of After Effects. Make sure you charge a nominal amount of money. Create a page on your website and add detailed information about the workshop, including the things you will teach, duration, fees, etc.

8. Stock Video Creation

Stock Footage and Stock Images can also help you earn money online. Again, websites like Videohive, Envato Elements, and Creative Market provide you with a great platform to sell your products.

9. Visual Effects For Gaming

For gaming enthusiasts, collaborating with game developers to create visual effects can be an exciting opportunity. This sector is booming, and your skills can bring game environments and characters to life.

10. Custom Animation Services

This is your chance to get creative with animated invitations, digital signage, and visuals for events. It’s a unique niche that allows for a lot of creative freedom and personalization for clients.


Always remember, money is the by-product of your hard work. Any work you do will give you some kind of reward. Experiment a lot to make sure what works best for you.

And never do anything just for the sake of earning money. Put your time and efforts into your passion and money will come automatically.