Fonts are the most important element of any design project as it adds value to the text and is vital for attracting the target audience.

Selecting and using the appropriate font for your design projects reflects great professionalism and adds further value to your brand.

It is the heart of quality graphic design.

In this listicle, we have included some of the best (20 to be precise) expressive fonts that’ll help make your design projects stand out.

You can use these fonts to create high-quality brochures, flyers, logos, apps, web pages, or any graphic design element.

1. Huscon

Huscon Expressive Fonts
Huscon Preview
Font Preview

2. Hipster

Hipster Expressive Fonts
Hipster preview
Font Preview

3. Hysteria Rollers

Hysteria Rollers Expressive Fonts
Hysteria Rollers preview
Font Preview

4. S&S Nickson Font Bundle

 S&S Nickson Font Bundle
 S&S Nickson Font Bundle preview
Font Preview

5. Jungle Giant

Jungle Giant Expressive Fonts
Jungle Giant Preview
Font Preview

6. Heritage

Heritage Expressive Fonts
Heritage Preview
Font Preview

7. Fonseca Grande

Fonseca Grande Expressive Fonts
Fonseca Grande preview
Font Preview

8. Better Times

Better Times Expressive Fonts
Better Times preview
Font Preview

9. Gliker

Gliker Expressive Fonts
Gliker preview
Font Preview

10. Noir et Blanc

Noir et Blanc Expressive Fonts
Noir et Blanc preview
Font Preview

11. Elijah

Elijah Expressive Fonts
Elijah preview
Font Preview

12. Thunder

Thunder Expressive Fonts
Thunder Preview
Font Preview

13. Juniper & Sage

Juniper & Sage Expressive Fonts
Juniper & Sage preview
Font Preview

14. Kindred

Kindred Expressive Fonts
Kindred preview
Font Preview

15. Mango

Mango Expressive Fonts
Mango Preview
Font Preview

16. Larosa

Larosa Expressive Fonts
Larosa preview
Font Preview

17. Gosto A

Gosta A Expressive Fonts
Gosta A preview
Font Preview

18. The Modern Font Bundle

The Modern Font Bundle
The Modern Font Bundle preview
Font Preview

19. Moderna

Moderna Expressive Fonts
Moderna preview
Font Preview

20. Lettering Delight

Lettering Delight Expressive Fonts
Lettering Delight preview
Font Preview