Take your action film projects to the next level and make your explosions sound right with 45 free explosion sound fx by ActionVFX.

Trusted and used by the best in the industry, ActionVFX is a one-shop stop for visual effects stock footage.

Their elements can be seen in films like Avengers, Spiderman, Jumanji, 12 Strong, and many other Hollywood blockbusters.

ActionVFX library has more than 3400 visual effects stock footage elements from various different categories. Some of the major ones are:

  • Blood & Gore – Includes blood hits, wounds, splatter, mist, and more.
  • Debris & Impact – Includes dust waves, exploding debris, bullet hits, ground cracks, and much more.
  • Energy FX – This category of VFX assets includes Energy balls, Energy Vortex, Energy Bursts, Shockwaves, Portals, and more.
  • Explosions – Contains Gas explosions, Dust Explosions, Dirt Explosions, Aerial Explosions, Spark Explosions, and more.
  • Fire – Includes Windows, Walls, and Ceiling Fire. Also contains Fire Lens Flares, Fireballs, Fire Trails, and more.
  • Glass – Includes breaking glass and other glassware elements.
  • Gun FX – Muzzle Flashes, Bullet Hits, Gun Smoke, Canon Blasts, Bullet Shells, and more.
  • Particles – Contains Dust Particles, Spark Hits, Fire Embers, Electrical Sparks, and other particle elements.
  • Smokes – Atmospheric Smoke, Smoke Plumes, Smoke & Fog, and steam jets.
  • Water – Water Splashes and Water Blasts.
  • Weather – Includes Storm Clouds, Windy Snow, Falling Snow, and Lightning.

You can composite the ActionVFX elements with live-action shots with the help of green screens or rotoscoping to create visually breathtaking action scenes.

However, just like the visuals, audio also plays a very important role as it engages the audience and evokes emotional responses.

Free Explosion Sound FX By ActionVFX

Free Explosion Sound FX

Therefore, ActionVFX has also come up with a collection of 45 free explosions sound fx that can be used with their explosion stock footage elements.

These free explosion sound effects come with a single-user license that grants you permission to use them in your personal as well as commercial projects.

The collection includes gas explosions, dirt explosions, and glass & debris explosions.

All the free explosion sound fx are available in high-quality 24-bit 48kHz .WAV format.

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