21st-century filmmaking requires you to be an editor, VFX artist, and colorist at the same time. HitFilm Express is a free video editing software that gives you a head start, merging professional 3D compositing and over 122 effects with its editing tools.

HitFilm Express is designed for speed.

On fast machines, you enjoy real-time playback thanks to 64-bit architecture and GPU acceleration, even when jumping between your edit and visual effects shots.

More complex shots get proxied in the background while you keep working.

HitFilm Express

A high-end desktop computer will make HitFilm Express fly but mainstream notebooks and family computers are just fine.

You don’t need a supercomputer to be a filmmaker.

With HitFilm Express, you can edit videos, composite visual effects elements, edit audio, and can do much more.

View the entire list of Technical Specifications to learn more about HitFilm Express.

HitFilm Express Features & Workflow

Take your workflow to the next level with HitFilm Express.

It seamlessly combines a huge number of features providing everything you need to see your project through to the end.

Professional Format Support

Get the best possible quality for your projects with HitFilm Express UHD support.

HitFilm handles vertical smartphone shots to high-end professional camera footage with ease.

Customizable Interface

HitFilm Express interface is fully customizable.

Use the collapsible and expandable panels to get access to things you need and aren’t distracted by the panels you don’t.

Customize and save your personal interface as a default layout.

Export Batch

This free video editing software allows you to set up a list of edits and shots to render while you are away from your desk.

If in case the software is closed during render, it will automatically resume when you load it back up.

Enhanced Performance & Quality

Customizing your playback and paused quality allows you to experience really fast playback in the editor.

This prevents lagging, making it much easier to time up cuts and allowing you to make faster, snappier edits.


Masking is often used to manually create a matte that determines which parts of the layer are visible.

It’s like cutting holes in your layers.

Masking is usually done to enhance and speed up the rotoscoping process.

Combined Timelines

In HitFilm Express, you can quickly switch from one tab to the next like you would on a browser depending on your needs.

You can edit in one tab, composite in the other.

How To Download HitFilm Express For Free

To download HitFilm Express Video Editing Software for free –

  1. Visit HitFilm Express download page.
  2. You will be asked to share the download with others on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Reddit. Use any social networking to share the download.
    HitFilm Express
  3. Sharing the download will unlock a signup form. Enter your name, email, and password to create a HitFilm account. Then select an appropriate option for ‘What would you like to make with HitFilm‘.
    HitFilm Express
  4. Click on ‘SEND ME THE DOWNLOAD‘ button to receive the download link in your Email inbox.
  5. Open your email account and check for an email from HitFilm. Inside you will find ‘DOWNLOAD HITFILM EXPRESS‘ button. Click on it.
    HitFilm Express
  6. You will be taken to the installer page from where you can download HitFilm 4 Express for Windows or Mac.

How to Install HitFilm Express

  1. After you download the installer for your corresponding operating system, run the HitFilm Express installer file by double clicking on its file icon (this requires administrator privileges on your computer). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. Launch of HitFilm Express. When asked to activate sign in with the email address and password you provided when requesting a free copy of HitFilm Express.
  3. HitFilm 4 Express is now ready for you to use. It’s yours to keep forever!

HitFilm Express Direct Download Links

Simply sign-up for a free HitFilm account and use the download buttons below to download the installer for your operating system. DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS  DOWNLOAD FOR MAC 

HitFilm Express is compatible with Mac OSX 10.8+ and Windows 7+ 64-bit.