A list of 10 Paid and Free Feminine WordPress themes that might help you pick the right WordPress Themes for female bloggers.

WordPress themes are a great way to communicate the vibe that one is going for. It also allows the audience to make sense of the present and future content in a better way.

Themes also allow the creator of the content to express their personality while putting their work across.

Taking this into consideration, there are themes specifically curated for female bloggers who want their WordPress theme to take a more feminine route, for creators whose content requires a subtler theme to work, or just for people who want a feminine-looking feed to feast their eyes on.

While the concept of feminine WordPress themes might come off as subjective, the pallet and general look of a feminine blog are indeed quite different from your regular run-of-the-mill blog theme.

To make things easier, we have come up with a list of 10 paid and free Feminine WordPress themes that might be the right pick for female bloggers.

1. The Essence

“The Essence” is a fresh and feminine WordPress theme perfect for creating a pleasing and organized website. It is designed to offer a delightful reading experience, making it suitable for various types of blogs. With its well-arranged pages, “The Essence” offers a harmonious look. It’s easy to set up on WordPress version 5.0 or higher and works seamlessly with the Gutenberg Content Editor. This theme is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking an attractive and efficient website design.

Price: $59

2. Once

Once Feminine WordPress Theme

This Feminine WordPress Theme stands out with its simple and stylish design. It’s very easy on the eyes, making it a top choice for those who love a clean look. The theme features beautiful thumbnail choices and video backgrounds, which draw attention. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a feminine style that’s easy to use. This theme is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to create an appealing and hassle-free website.

Price: $59

3. Rima

Rima wordpress theme

The Rima WordPress Theme combines modern style with a touch of vintage, offering a unique and elegant look. It’s designed to give your readers a fantastic browsing experience. This theme not only makes your WordPress page look classy, but it also includes easy-to-use tools like Elementor and Visual Composer Builder. These tools let you create posts easily, seeing the layout as you build. Rima is perfect for a stylish, user-friendly website.

Price: $49

4. Bklyn

The Feminine WordPress Theme, Bklyn, is perfect for those who love elegance. Its simple but beautiful design adds life and excitement to your content, helping it stand out. With an impressive 4.9 average rating, this theme is a favorite among both creators and viewers. Bklyn’s popularity and high rating show it’s a great choice for anyone looking to make their website both attractive and effective.

Price: $39

5. Zarja


Zarja is a modern WordPress Blog theme with an emphasis on feminine touch. Light and clear colors with the lovely design will proudly present your writing and your photographs. It comes packed with various styling options, making customizing your blog super easy. You can change colors, fonts, and many other elements effortlessly. Zarja design is clean and uncluttered, perfect for bloggers who love a minimal and creative look. This Feminine WordPress theme also provides a beautiful visual experience with a responsive grid layout that’s great for mobile use, supporting touch and swipe.

Price: $39

6. Florian

Florian Feminine WordPress Theme

Florian is a stylish WordPress theme for female bloggers made to showcase their content beautifully, letting it shine on its own. Its design creates an inviting space for users to immerse themselves in your creative world. Ideal for various topics like photography, fashion, beauty, interior design, nature, health, and spirituality, Florian makes your blogging experience wonderful. This modern personal blog theme allows your imagination and creativity to flourish, helping you create a website as unique as you are.

Price: $59

7. Ashe

ashe wordpress theme for female bloggers

Ashe is a free feminine WordPress theme with a 5-star user rating. It’s very flexible and suitable for many types of blogs, including fashion, photography, travel, and food. This theme is celebrated for its minimalistic design, offering a clean and elegant look. It’s perfect for lifestyle-based blogs where you want your content to stand out. Ashe’s simple yet effective style makes it a favorite for bloggers who appreciate minimalism and versatility.

Price: Free

8. Elegant Pink

Free Feminine WordPress Theme

Elegant Pink is a free WordPress theme that perfectly blends quirkiness with elegance. Its design is masonry-based, giving it a distinctly feminine touch. If you’re drawn to this unique style, Elegant Pink is a great choice. It’s designed to be responsive, ensuring that your website looks fantastic on all devices, from desktops and laptops to mobiles and tablets. This theme is ideal for those who want a playful yet elegant website, guaranteed to be user-friendly on any device.

Price: Free

9. Feminine Style

feminine style theme for female bloggers

Feminine Style is a free WordPress theme for female bloggers, known for its modern take on feminine design. This theme offers great features like over 10 custom widgets to enhance your homepage and sidebar. It’s user-friendly, too. You can easily customize your site with the WordPress Live Customizer tool. This tool allows you to see changes in real time, so you can tweak your design until it’s just right. Feminine Style is perfect for creating a stylish, functional blog with ease.

Price: Free

10. Illdy

free Feminine WordPress Theme

This theme is perfect for creators who are exploring and defining their unique style. Built on the Bootstrap frontend framework, it is fully responsive and works great on mobile devices. Whether you want to build a stunning portfolio, a clean-looking blog, or just explore your idea of femininity, this theme is a great choice. It’s designed to help you find and express your voice in a visually appealing way, making it an excellent pick for creative individuals.

Price: Free

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