Imagine you are selling a property and a prospective buyer shows up. What’s the first thing that want from you? Definitely a guided tour to help them understand what the property looks like.

It’s features and what it has to offer.

Similarly, a website is no less than a property and its users are no less than any buyer.

The first time a person visits a website, a guided website tour can help him/her understand the essential features of it but most important, how to use the website in a right way.

Not all websites need a guided tour.

A blog like this requires no introduction.

But websites that offer some kind of online services, maybe a web app or an online graphic design application like Canva do require a guided tour.

Especially for the first timers.

You might want to hire a web developer to create a guided tour if your website is on a platform other than WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

But for WordPress users, there is an extremely easy way to build amazing guided website tours with plugins.

WordPress plugins are a great way to add top-level functionality on your websites without any prior coding knowledge.

All you need to do is install the plugin, configure and it’s ready to go.

There are tons of WordPress plugins on the internet to build tours for your website.

But to sort things out and help you choose the best. We have curated top 5 WordPress Plugins to build guided website tours.

1. WP Light Tours Builder

This WordPress plugins can help create flat and responsive visual tours on your WordPress website.

The tour can be launched automatically upon arrival of user on a page or when the user clicks on a specific element.


  • Flat & responsive
  • Works on front-end or WordPress back-end
  • Fully manage Tours and Steps
  • Customize colors, step and tours settings
  • Steps can be tool-tip, dialog or texts
  • Visually assign a step or a tour to an element of the website
  • Fast & easy import / export data tool
  • HTTPS Support
  • Multilingual (.po ready)
  • Reactive support !

2. jQuery Website Tour For WordPress

jQuery website tour is another plugin to easily guide your visitors through different features of your website.

With the point-and-click interface, create tours that are spanning over multiple pages and link them together.


  • Create multiple tours
  • Create tours spanning multiple pages (posts)
  • Add tours with our easy point and click interface
  • Choose between 6 different color schemes; Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Purple
  • Optional Auto Play Website Tour
  • Optional Overlay when displaying Website Tour
  • Easy Native WordPress interface
  • Optional Private and Public Tours: If you have our Pages by User Role plugin you can set which User Roles that will be able to see the different Website Tours.
  • Downloadable Content for all licensed users
  • Supports the following browsers; Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome 4+, Opera 9+, Safari 4+

3. Tour Builder For WordPress

Tour builder for WordPress gives you the ability to create amazing front-end tours to gain visitors interest.

This plugin offers a highly customizable and a user friendly back-end as well.


  • Support Continued Tour in Multiple Pages
  • 3 Types of Display ad (Autostart on Load, LightBox on Load, Manual)
  • 3 Types of Popup Box ( Modal, Tooltip, Nohighlight )
  • 3 Selectors Type ( id, class, name) – You can append tour to all html class
  • 4 Positions (Top, Bottom, Left, Right )
  • Draggable Box
  • Keywords Controls to change step
  • Rotation Control
  • Steps Title
  • Steps Text with Editor WYSIWYG
  • (JumpPage) Redirect to Control – Usefult to continue tour in multiple pages
  • 2 Popup Tour Themes 
  • 2 LightBox Themes 
  • Responsive (new) 
  • Cookies Options (new) 
  • User Types Filters Options (new) 
  • Multi-language Ready (new) 

4. WP Ultimate Tour Builder

Easily create beautiful and useful virtual tours on your WordPress website by using this unique and awesome premium plugin.

A powerful and intuitive conditional system allows you to create intelligent tours where each step is displayed according to the defined conditions.

Tour can be displayed when the user arrive on the website or when a specific element is clicked.


  • The tours can navigate through the pages of the site
  • It can show any element of the website to the user, display full screen texts and dialog windows
  • Its powerful conditional system allows you to show different steps depending on the wanted conditions
  • The tour can ask the customer to click the shown element to continue
  • Works both of Front-end & Back-end side
  • Tons of options to customize the tours styles, animations & colors
  • Each tour can be activated for some specific user roles only
  • The tours can start automatically or when the user clicks a specific element
  • Fully responsive
  • Fully translatable (.po ready)
  • Import / Export system
  • Automatic updates

5. WooCommerce Product Tour

A lightweight jQuery guided tour plugin which makes it easier to generate smart, customizable, mobile-friendly, step-by-step site/page/feature/product tours on the WooCommerce product page.

On visiting the product page, a step by step tour will start to help users understand how to use your website or how to buy a product.


  • Flat & responsive
  • Works on front-end or WordPress back-end
  • Fully manage Tours and Steps
  • Customize colors, step and tours settings
  • Steps can be tool-tip, dialog or texts
  • Visually assign a step or a tour to an element of the website
  • Multilingual (.po ready)
  • Reactive support!


No matter which plugin you end up on getting, an interactive guided tour will increase your website conversion rate.

A visitor who knows what to do on your website and what are it’s features has less bounce rate as compared to someone who has no idea what to do.